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6 thoughts on “How the Royal Family can deal with Meghan Oprah Interview

  1. A thought occurred to me. Didn’t Princess Diana have mental illness while pregnant? I find it odd that Megan is claiming she is suicidal. Diana threw herself down a flight of stairs. She had bulimia/ eating disorders. It was William at 4 months.

  2. The RF seem way too complacent about this. I don’t know if they underestimate Meghan or overestimate their own position or both. But truth is that many people who have not been paying attention will believe what Meghan and Oprah are peddling is the truth. And because the sleepers are probably the majority, and all around the world, this can do a lot of damage. You would think the palace’s PR (especially if they have Sara Latham) would be more preemptive and offensive with their response to this🤕

    1. Someone needs to stage an intervention ando have Megs and Haz sectioned. They are now beyond a joke and are clearly mentally ill and in need of intensive therapy and medication to support them through the transition from being Royal to irrelevant. Megalomaniac expected the BRF to not complain or explain themselves and to keep clearing up the emotional carnage she creates. What she didn’t EXPECT was the ordinary people she treated like dirt to expose her.

  3. A DIRE reading! I hope the RF follows you, DE! They have to destroy Meghan’s reputation with the truth, as she is trying to destroy them. EVERY BIT of truth on Meghan needs to come out now, from EVERYONE.

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