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How Royal Family felt about Meghan Markle’s Texas stunt

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2 thoughts on “How Royal Family felt about Meghan Markle’s Texas stunt”

  1. it’s true , i don’t think the UK press covered MM’s visit to the place where the shooting happened . it wasn’t online and i didn’t see any Newspapers covering it , i don’t have a TV so not sure about that !

  2. DE , please can i ask for my June question , how will Harry feel if he manages to reach the age of roughly 50 to 60 , how will he feel about this time in his life , about MM , her manipulation and all the damage she’s done to his family and to himself ? Harry and MM were booed very loudly as they stepped down the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral today . so true , we loathe both of them here just like Americans do … we’re both being laughed at by them both , we can see and feel it . and it’ll get worse the more people start to suffer with the manufactured “food crisis” . thanks DE , yes , i watched MM today here in the UK , She adores being hated !!! booed and booed but she was ok about it ,she’s obviously a Communist Plant – with a Monarchy , we can’t have Communism ., She’s really enjoying her non Royal role as Communist Plant ! a friend said Buffalo suddenly went quiet after the local paper found and published an article that an ex FBI Agent was present there before it happened . MM never talked about this or visited – she was told to keep away from it .?

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