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8 thoughts on “How Queen Feels about Harry’s Legal Battles

  1. I found the Daily Mail article by Richard Kay. It’s from 19th January 2020 titled “Prince Charles is ‘massively sad’: It’s the psycho drama at the heart of Megxit-the thorny relationship, so coloured by Princess Diana, between the three princes”. I will quote a few paragraphs: (…) His problem at that time (17year old Harry) was that he felt very alone. Prince Charles was largely absorbed in his own problems, trying to win public acceptance for Camilla, and William was away at university in Scotland. Back in those teenage years, Harry was certainly a worry to his father, as well as palace courtiers. (…) But it was when both boys came to record tributes to their mother to mark the 20th anniversary of her death in 2017 that the rawness of their relationship with their father became starkly clear for all to see. Only Harry could bring himself to reference his father – from William there was not a word. Before Meghan came on the scene, it was Harry who was the bridge-builder between Charles and his brother. (…) To the wider public the story of how brothers once whisper-close could have fallen out so spectacularly is one of the saddest aspects of the whole saga. For all their polished, easy-going charm both boys are notoriously thin-skinned. It’s true that Harry reacted in a hot-headed way when his brother urged caution in the early weeks of the romance with Meghan.And it’s also true that neither William nor Catherine were quite as welcoming to the American-born actress as they could have been. (…) Tom Bradby, a friend of both boys, reported that there was a wry smile from Harry when he learnt that the crisis(Megxit) had brought Charles and his older son, once barely on speaking terms, closer because of the behaviour of the younger. There was sibling rivalry too, envy even, over the Sussexes’ global popularity. ‘William is very conscious of his position, and having seen how his mother used to upstage his father, he has no intention of allowing Harry to do that to him, says a courtier. ‘They’re a complicated pair’. For Charles, who at the age of 48 and set in his ways found himself a single parent to two teenage boys, the years after Diana’s death were tricky. With so much of his own life regimented and given over to royal duty, who could blame him if he took an easy route with his sons? His attitude was to take the path of least resistance. This sometimes allowed him to be seen to be weak and as the boys got older they would exploit it. They saw him as a fuddy-duddy and regarded him with affectionate ridicule. One aide goes further and says both boys ‘bullied their father. ‘They showed him little respect and never deferred to his diary of engagements’, says the aide.(…) ‘Yet on three occasions when the Prince of Wales was undertaking important business on behalf of the Government, the boys made announcements themselves that stole the headlines. ‘Of course, he didn’t say anything. He was angry and hurt, but he was never as decisive as he should have been.’ All this and more was on the prince’s mind as plans for Harry’s post-royal resolution was being drawn up. The loss of Harry’s military patronages was key. (…)”

  2. I’m glad to hear the Queen is done with it. And so is the judge. He has figured out that the Sussexes are using the court of law to settle scores with the media. By ordering Harry to pay the Daily Mail’s court costs the judge is punishing him. I hope Harry understands the message. As a covert narcissist, Harry may have a better chance of understanding ( whether he is able to accept and change is another matter). Meghan, however, is an overt narcissist. With every new court case she starts she is fully confident she will win. Narcissists like her cannot learn from their mistakes. The damage that has been done to their persons is too severe. That, inevitably, leads me to think of the parents of narcissists. I don’t believe anymore that Diana was a good mother. There are witnesses to how she handled Harry. He was indulged and never properly disciplined by her. She didn’t punish him for bad behaviour. He didn’t learn that actions have consequences. The court case shows Harry’s refusal to take responsibility for his choices and a failure to acknowledge that he cannot have everything in life. As a father, Prince Charles was even more useless. He is as soft as a boiled egg and dislikes confrontation. After Diana’s death the British media portrayed him as a dedicated father. But judging by the biographies I’ve read over the years, Charles was mostly conspicuous by his absence. He hid behind his role as Prince of Wales and loathed family crisis disruptions to his schedule because he didn’t want to disappoint waiting guests or a waiting public. He knew how to be the Prince of Wales; he didn’t know how to be a father. I think that played a role in his decision never to put his children first when they were teenagers who badly needed parental intervention. This neglect also explains Prince William’s outbursts of rage and distant relationship with Charles when William was in his teens and twenties. Last year, Richard Kay wrote a very good article about this in the Daily Mail. If I find it again, I will quote some parts of it.

  3. It makes you wonder how Sara Latham will be able to keep her job with the palace now that they know she was involved with FF

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