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How Queen feels about Harry + Meghan now

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22 thoughts on “How Queen feels about Harry + Meghan now”

    1. Omg, I hope not. At least in England we will not have to put up with her fake pregnancy scenarios. Nobody in this country would be interested anymore. All lost interest in Archie and them, although we find their antics very amusing. It’s a new real housewives of Santa Barbara.

  1. Heads up! Pence was on the Lolita express and he probably was doing trafficking/pedofilia as the Governor of Indiana. Trump did a tweet” he was flying to an island”

    I’m on Parler uncovering dirt. Odd how the National Guard is called in to DC and it may be a way to round up the usual suspects. All the Senators and Reps had speeches ready after being sequestered in a bunker

    Ashli Babbit was murdered

  2. Good morning everyone. Mr. Roberto Devorik, one of Diana’s best friend said in an interview that Prince Charles is the one making decisions. He also said that Gringe and cringe left with the help of the Royal Family because THE CROWN does not let go so easy.

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