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How Nuremberg 2.0 lawsuit filed in UK will go

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1 thought on “How Nuremberg 2.0 lawsuit filed in UK will go”

  1. thank you so much DE, i’ll read it , thank you so much . i’m getting more and more angry now that people my son’s work colleagues are still believing all the lies . my son is going to have to had the lateral flow tests at work from 4th Jan. before he can start work . i’m so angry . thank you so much , DE, we have to keep exposing this , i do my bit but i’m getting so angry ,the idiots my son works with actually believe the BBC / GOV even after seeing parties being held at no. 10 , last Dec. with a giggling Allegra Stratton , laughing about the parties and “no social distance” at the parties at no 10. they’re going to start knocking on our doors to jab us soon here . Boris is trying to start a new Law here so Gov can override Judges , he’s just been served Papers from Dr Mike Yeadon etc … Boris obviously wants to stop Justice . thank you so much DE. you’re the only decent , intelligent tarot Reader i watch now .

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