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How Meghan feels about Oprah Interview fallout


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8 thoughts on “How Meghan feels about Oprah Interview fallout”

  1. ooh ooh you said it yourself. She kept talking about the start of a new era…but in the case of the cards you pulled, a new EARa : )

  2. A great new show is “A Discovery of Witches” which references the help that English Witches gave Queen Elizabeth I, in raising the storm that sank the Spanish Armada. Doesn’t the current Royal Family have their own English “good” witches? They might well get some! Not to harm anyone, but to break the power of anyone who is doing evil to them.

  3. “It will be addressed privately”, how deliciously sarcastic. Didn`t they say they wanted privacy? I have the feeling M, H and Oprah already regretted doing this failed PR stunt. They all came out looking infantile and unbalanced.

    1. I keep saying Megan is a witch in training. So what was she doing with Epstein? He has the temple on the island where I’m sure the satanist used it and she was a pet of the ceremonies.

      Her homeless in LA? She would be pushing a cart with a tiara.

      The royals are luciferians She should be scared.

      The royal aids probably had to take the moon bump out for dry cleaning. That is what she should fear most. That is what Catherine knows or she knows the surrogate

  4. Question: Was JG in alleged x videos? There are alleged headings to that effect on google. Just wondering if this is true or false.

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