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Harry + Meghan take OUR money with “Ethic Investment”

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Youtube took this video off their platform in less than 24 hours! They also refused to let me download it for myself. But no worries, I recorded it myself because I *knew* Harry + Meghan would not like me discussing their financial shenanigans (which has been published in the worldwide media.) So you can see they their censorship is all about their big, fat, ugly, narcissistic egos. They HATE any criticisms BUT they want people (esp young people) to WORSHIP them as icons. Well, if they want to be in the public eye (obviously they do) then they need to grow the f*** up and take it like mature adults. Their childish temper tantrums backed by tyranny of big tech + govt shows their communist streak. Only a short hop from here to incinerating people in concentration camps. This is very dangerous what they are doing and needs to be called out and STOPPED or humanity is DOOMED with how things are going. Freedom of speech! Now and forever!

Youtube used the tired excuse of “vaccine misinformation” which is total BS. I was not talking about vaccine safety only mentioned in terms of H+M advocating for vaccines while making money from vaccine companies!

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