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Harry + Meghan Secret Message

4 thoughts on “Harry + Meghan Secret Message”

  1. Hi DE , i watched The Body Language Guy today , he thinks the woman in this photo isn’t MM but a double , i think this woman looks more dainty , smaller boned , MM has very square , broad , bony shoulders like a man , but this woman looks much smaller and far more feminine , imo , the little boy isn’t showing any connection to her , imo . maybe MM was there but not in the photo ?

  2. it’s strange how MM looked so chunky only a few weeks ago at St Paul’s Cathedral and now very slim ?

  3. Hi DE , can you ask the cards how Harry will feel about his life now , when he reaches about 50 – 60 ? Will he regret this time in his life or will he have reached a high level position in their Marxist Agenda ?

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