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Har & Harlot on awards show (YT blocked it!)

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4 thoughts on “Har & Harlot on awards show (YT blocked it!)”

  1. She has cleaned up her act as far as her hair and hands go. Maybe now she is finally paying for some professional to deal with her hair and is learning royal etiquette. It would not surprise me if M had been watching Lady C and is copying her. I will not comment on her outfit, as it is a matter of personal taste and wallet size, other than I can’t see it on a Western haute couture catwalk.

  2. I really think you give meghan far too much credit- she doesnt believe in blm or feminism or voting rights or anything except obtaining wealth & malignant power over others. You attribute political beliefs & principled motivations to her that i doubt she has. Shes a woman keenly attuned to saying & doing whatever she had to in order to get ahead, dog whistling to the elites, nothing more IMO.

    1. Correct. She looks slim and 30 again.Last time she obviously turned herself into a glutton so that she can pretend it’s post pregnancy fat. And who can miss the copy cat dress. Diana wore something very similar.

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