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Grand Jury- Covidd19 Crimes Against Humanity

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4 thoughts on “Grand Jury- Covidd19 Crimes Against Humanity”

  1. Hi, How much to ask a question please? I have a few you may want to ask for your members. 1) Will there be an event in May, (May 20) that will negatively affect millions of people? If so what is this and how can we prepare? The keepers of the Looking Glass say something is to happen that they’re trying to stop.2) What is the best thing we can do before July to help us get through unscathed and in abundance through to the next year or two? 3) Do we need to stockpile, and if so what is best to have? 4) Do we need as Canadians and Americans guns and ways to protect ourselves? If I were to ask a question for myself it would be – where are my time, $ and resources best spent right now? 5) Are the globalists having us hate our leaders so much that we start to think a 1 world government is the best, and will they succeed? Brenda from Canada

    1. Hi Brenda, You can view my About Page to find out how to order a reading. On there I put the disclaimer that I don’t do readings on life/death, health, or financial decisions (this is illegal in many places.)

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