Fish in the Cups Court Cards

I was studying the knight of cups card today when I took note of the red fish on his sweater vest. “What a gaudy sweater! Like the kind of sweater people wear at Christmas time because someone made it for them.” Then I noticed that all of the red fish on his sweater are all facing the same direction. Odd again. Normally a pattern on a fabric would have the fish in all different directions but the knight of cups sweater-fish all face forward. As if they were moving forward with him. Interesting.

Fish can be found on all of the Cups court cards, but what do them mean? If you look up the symbolism of fish in art – it can represent Christianity or Jesus. That would not be surprising as Christian symbols are all over tarot along with other faiths.

Cups represent water and fishes live in the water. Perhaps the fish are the living embodiment of our subconscious, our creativity or our connection to the divine (all represented by water.) That sounds more likely with the tarot.

There seems to be a progression the fish in the court cards which indicates how the person in the cups court cards deals with this ‘fish energy.’

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In the Page of Cups – he has the fish out and appears to be in direct communication with it. Like a child who is spilling over with love and creativity. It’s out there to share and not a worry about getting hurt or failing in his creative projects. He can rest assure mama will love it and hang it on the refrigerator. Also children are most in touch with their intuitive side, many are born remembering their past lives (or parts of it.)

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With the Knight of Cups we encounter the young man. He traverses carefully on his beautiful white horse, holding his chalice with care. Similar to how one would carry a cup of hot tea – careful not to spill anything. The fish is now on his attire, bright and fashionable (for a tarot card.) This may be compared to a teenager or early-20-something whose clothing represents what they care about most. Some may wear a t-shirt with a message, rock band or favorite anime character. The knight is looking to share his emotions with someone as he approaches the river. His suit of armor protects his feelings or creations.

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The Queen of Cups isn’t bothered with a fish, she has a new object to be fascinated with. Sitting by the water, she is and has been in touch with her creative, psychic, emotional side for all of her life. Interestingly, the mermaid at the foot of her throne holds a fish.

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Lastly, the King of Cups has 2 fish (or one whale and one fish). Can you see them? The whale or fish in the background swimming in the ocean behind him. He also has a fish necklace which appears to be silver. The King has mastered his creative, emotional, psychic sides. He has materialized all of his hearts desire and that is represented by the silver fish he wears around his neck. It’s as if to say, “Been there, done that. See the whale behind me?”

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