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Fergie + the online Troll


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9 thoughts on “Fergie + the online Troll”

  1. Turn their reputations around??? Oh, that ship sailed decades ago! Lol!!! She does stand by that idiot Andrew. Lol.

  2. This is a revealed Enty (CDAN) Blind back from August 2019:
    Sarah Ferguson is with her husband because men stopped paying her for sex.
    Prince Andrew frequently had Ghisliane over to his place, but only when he had a woman willing to do a threesome. Apparently he liked to watch the madam be rough with the other woman. Prince Andrew likes underage girls has at least one illegitimate child that he publicly refuses to acknowledge but who he has to pay a significant amount of child support to each month.

  3. Sara has never made too much sense with her actions. But you’ve got to give her “prop’s” – she does stand by her man!! Lol.

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