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Nasty misinformed democrat tries to get Trump removed from social media

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8 thoughts on “Nasty misinformed democrat tries to get Trump removed from social media”

  1. I hope Candace Owens has a huge win on her lawsuit against the FB factcheck company that slandered her, This constant intereference and smearing of points of view the tyranical left wants to slience… has to stop. It is very oppressive. I am a nobody, and they come after me on FB like gangbusters – for complete crap.

  2. Labeling trump a liar , or things he says lies is not fact checking.
    They are just trying to throw out the word LIE , LIES , FACT CHECKED enough times – they know it gets stuck in people’s head.

  3. These third party FACT CHECKERS owned by such people as BILL Gates , and google , teitter.and the like are a serious problem. I can’t share any truth people because some are obsessed with googgle’ING this information and finding that FACT CHECERKS claim it as false. They believe these sites.
    Thsee sites need to be held accountable.
    I love that one Dr (whose name I can’t remember atm) Is taking the fact checking site to court about the PCR test. Now the FACT CHECK site has to prove he is wrong about the PCR test being falsely used , inaccurate , inappropriate for diagnosing desease. They have to prove his facts are wrong. Good luck.

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