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3 thoughts on “Does Prince Harry hate his father?

  1. Do you think Charles will cave in to threats and blackmail? Well, you do not know British people. The matter is now in the hands of lawyers. Of coure, the Queen will talk to Harry, but after that it will be “talk to my lawyer”. They will be isolated from the whole institution. The queen has already given orders for all in the institution to stay away from the couple. The queen is just isolating them. There won`t be any emotional talks anymore. Of course, they will continue to trash the RF, and they will continue to ignore the couple, till they step the line and the lawyers will sue, or advise on taking the titles, disinherit. You can expect the worst coming from the lawyers.

  2. Even professionals are coming out criticizing the interview. It’s so good to see unbiased people seeing ‘the truth’.

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