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Dirty Harry tried to Dupe the Queen

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8 thoughts on “Dirty Harry tried to Dupe the Queen”

  1. I still cannot get over Harry’s delusion and poor grasp of reality. In the past two days I have watched the Megxit review reading from December over and over again and marvel at its accuracy. The DE said that Harry may be surprised at losing his working royal status. And, boy, did he turn out to be surprised. I still find it hard to accept why. For the past year the media have been full of speculation that the Sussexes may lose their position and patronages. In January 2020 the Queen released a statement saying there is no such thing as half in, half out for a working member of the royal family. And yet, there have been reports recently that Harry has been left “absolutely devastated” by his loss of status. What is the real reason for Harry’s inability to see reality as it is? Meghan’s brainwashing? His indulgent upbringing that fostered an environment in which actions did not have consequences? Or is this about karmic relationships? Is Harry currently repaying a karmic debt? Harry said to James Cordon on the bus that he didn’t step down, he stepped back. A retired royal commentator from the Sun remarked that stepping down and stepping back is the difference between resigning and being fired. The result is the same. Many royal commentators have said that Harry made a fool of himself with the James Cordon interview. The most alarming segment was when James Cordon asked Harry how he envisages his life in California after lockdown and after Megxit. He said he DIDN’T KNOW. There is no plan, no ideas from him. He doesn’t have the intelligence to be the master of his own destiny. This may be the real catastrophe of his life. All he has is this unconscious urge to relive his mother’s life and retrace her steps. Harry needs to bear in mind how prematurely her life ended. He needs to deviate from her trajectory of rejection and isolation to stop himself from going the same way. Could she be his soulmate or karmic partner? His mother had a desire to live in the USA but never achieved it. Harry is now there, but his head is empty with no designs for his future life. He once had a role as a working royal and, with help, he did that quite well. Now as a private person, there seems to be no autonomy and no creator force in his life. Like a dead fish, he swims with the Meghan tide. It’s all he has at the moment. He doesn’t know how to rebuild his life by himself. In the past year, Harry’s Tarot readings frequently included the Hangman reversed. This is how I see him now: being the victim of someone else’s plans.

  2. I find them so utterly sick. Harry is such a disloyal and foul human being. The queen looked after him from the age of 12 after his mother died. Poor woman is also coping with the illness of her husband

  3. I think that is why M had all the Celebs invited to The Wedding. She knew she would need a return favour to garner work/ exposure after the pre-planned exit from RF. I think PH is just following MM orders. But he should really wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. Mm would probably show up to phillip’s funeral just to get attn away from him and onto her . If not her PR would plaster stories about her that day trying to overshadow even a funeral.

    1. I wonder whether Prince Phillip has written down instructions in advance that Meghan would not be allowed access to his funeral. I think he hates her enough and knows what number she would pull. I doubt the Queen or any of the palace courtiers would go against his wishes. They know there are ghosts in castles. He would return to haunt them.

  5. Excellent reading! I think the key may be removal from line of succession and all titles…let’s hope!!! I love the Queen and the Royal family and what Harry as the grandson has perpetrated ..the schemes against his own Grandmother is absolutely despicable. He definitely has emotional/mental issues and Megan is beyond insane and just and mental as Harry. Their greed and selfishness knows no bounds. When will they both be fully exposed as traitors and liars that they are?

  6. They need to go in and extract Harry. I would like to see the fake pregnancies exposed when h and m are cut off. Harry would run back if he was cut off. Spoiled brat.

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