Did Nostradamus Predict the Queen’s Death?

There have been a number of articles published regarding news of Nostradamus accurately predicting Queen Elizabeth II passing.

According to the Sunday Times, one book’s translation of Nostradamus’s quatrains (Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future, by Mario Reading) said:

“Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 22, at the age of around 96.”

I do not have a copy of this book but I do have a few of my own. I cannot find this quatrain and find it suspicious that there is no reference to the exact location where Nostradamus allegedly wrote this.

Trying to read Nostradamus’s quatrains is very challenging, to say the least. One needs to have a grasp of a 16th century vocabulary (along with slang terms of the time), Latin and Greek references as well. Top this off with the fact that Nostradamus used anagrams, historical references, mythology, astrology and other scrambling of words, etc.

It’s a mess but many brave souls have invested time in interpreting his prophesies and naturally, they don’t all agree with what the correct interpretation is. This has led people to comment that one could interpret anything they want from Nostradamus’s writings. (And I can’t argue with that.)

So I do not have this book with the translation pertaining to the Queen’s death, but I DID find some other translations that I thought may be of interest.

C III 28 “A young woman of poor background gains power and long wields it to terrible effect.”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

C. III 98 “Two royal brothers fight for power and start a civil war.”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

C. I 67 “Severe famine, at first intermittent, spreads world-wide, warning of future ecological Armageddon, far-future world wasteland.”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

C. I 36 “After great disasters, population declines, peace ensues, with safe land, sea, and air travel, before war resumes”

The Nostradamus Encyclopedia; Peter Lemesurier

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