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Did Meghan Markle abuse the staff?

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8 thoughts on “Did Meghan Markle abuse the staff?”

  1. I think her sub diagnosis is “ Evil Princess syndrome”. Ikon where sister called her princess pushy but she acts like a princess. Her father put her on a pedestal and her mother ignored her.

    1. I don’t think they have nannies. Archie is not on loan for photo op. The doll Archie is easier on Megan and Harry’s lifestyle

  2. Meghan so stepped on it. It goes wihout saying that nothing she read on the tabloids and glossy magazines would have prepared her for British culture and RF life. Anyway, her way of dealing with her own awkwardness seemed to have been adopting a demanding, unpredictable, obnoxious persona. Merryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada comes to mind . However, her clothes were ghastly, very rarely a good fashion name was attached to any of them. They didn`t fit, just like those crazy nylon stuff you get from China on the internet. I am not trying to diminish Meghan, but it is possible that her friend was shopping on the internet. For God sake, you are in London and should have no difficulty finding better quality clothes on any of London`s High Street. The green cape dress is an example. Ask yourself seriously, who would design that? It must be someone who doesn`t know a thing of Western taste, for that dress is nothing, neither Hollywood glamour, nor the elegance of HIgh Fashion. A fashion student would have done a better job. While there is a lot to be said about Meghan`s figure, try and image Katherine or Diana in that thing, it would still look ridiculous, which brings me back to my point that Jessica was simply ordering stuff from the internet.

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