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Covid Doctors Murdering Patients

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4 thoughts on “Covid Doctors Murdering Patients”

  1. thank you so much , DE. I burst into tears when i saw your video of Alley passing . my Aunt Pam came home form Hospital last week after having a blood clot on her brain . she’d had the 2 jabs . she said “the Hospital is so busy , linda , it’s grim” . i know other people who’ve been made ill and died recently . it’s so depressing , thank you so much for your videos .

  2. The same thing is happening in the U.K. The media have been printing double page spreads on all the lies we’re being told ie death from Covid numbers are quoted as 10 times higher than they actually are, to induce fear. Anyone with a positive PCR test (most of which are faulty) then dies from something else within 6 months is quoted as a Covid death. Bizarre and terrifying what is happening. Also wearing masks is useless and unhealthy as the virus is so small 500 virus particles escape around the gaps.

    1. yes, so true , i’m in the UK too. Matt Hancock “had an affair” / suddenly disappeared , just when Midazolam appeared all over twitter … in “care homes” . it’s so depressing . My Aunt had a brain clot , was in Hospital a few weeks ago, after having the “jab” . she said “this Hospital is so busy , linda, it’s grim” . it’s so depressing .

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