I am a certified professional tarot reader and I offer several different tarot readings.  All readings are video readings.  You email me your question and paypal payment and I email you a video reading within 48 hours:

Email Me here: dailyempresstarot@protonmail.com

Paypal here: https://www.paypal.me/astrologernyc

Some Readings I offer (not limited to the readings listed below) If you have a question that doesn’t fit into the readings described below – email me!

$40 Question reading Ask any question you have! But no questions about health, life/death, financial decisions or religion.

$50 Birthday Reading: Year forecast with numerology (need birth data (Numerology – monthly Forecast for next 12 months) In this reading I look at each month for the next year.  Describes what to expect in the coming months and seasons with numerology and tarot!

$50 Relationship Reading: Looking closely at your relationship from both people’s perspective.  This is 2 readings from each person’s perspective and how they interact.

$50 What really happened in this past event?  Tarot can look at the past as well as the future.  If you want to know what really happened in a past event – get this reading! Example can be “Who murdered this person?” “What really happened in this past event?”

$40 Past Life Look at a past life in detail and how it may affect this life

$40 Kipper card reading – for question or general look at a situation.

$40 Gypsy Witch card reading – for question or general look at a situation.

ALL READINGS ARE VIDEO READINGS that I email to you within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

There are many other questions that I can answer with tarot, if you aren’t sure if tarot can help answer your question, just email me and ask! 

Email Me here: dailyempresstarot@protonmail.com

Paypal your payment here: https://www.paypal.me/astrologernyc

All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Please remember that the future is not set in stone! A tarot reading will show what may happen and provide insights into how you can improve things.  Tarot readings provide insight and information that can help you create a better future!   

My readings will empower you and give you some food for thought.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. I do not do readings on life/death, health matters, religion, or financial decisions.

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    1. I absolutely loved my birthday reading. It will certainly prepare me for the up coming year month by month. DE took her time didn’t rush, was very concise and explained everything thoroughly.
      Also her use of Numerology explained my purpose , strengths and characteristics according to my birthdate. Her warm personality added that special touch to my reading .I’ll be recomending her to all my friends.

    1. Happy I found you. I wanted on utube in past. Bless you for courage in speaking the truth. I agree with you about China and what they are up to.

  1. I have been getting readings since I was 15 years old and now I am 60. I have had a few good readers but The Daily Empress is MAGNIFICENT!! Her reading was spot-on and clarified some issues I had been struggling with.. As DE laid out and explained each card I could see the situation as if watching a movie. Fascinating! If you are ever struggling with something or you just want answers to a situation or with an issue and you need to clarify things going on then you need to ask DE for a personal reading. You will be slack .jawed with her reading and the answers.. It is money well spent and I HIGHLY recommend her readings…Also, DE is just plain fun to watch..No matter how dark it goes she can find the humor..DE…You are simply The Best!! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!

  2. Will always follow you! Thanks for letting us know! I will check you out on rumble and Patreon

  3. Hello, I watch you every day and you are spot on and so entertaining , too!!! Are your hand painted tarot cards available? I would love to have a set. THe artwork is so beautiful and easy to understand. I loved the suit tarot reading you did with the entire suit standing together..I have never seen anything like it and it made everything make sense. Keep on doing what you do and thank you!

  4. My reading from the Daily Empress was sent to me within 48 hours as promised and was very insightful. She answered my questions and helped put things into perspective for me. I am looking forward to another reading! Thank you DE!

  5. I have had several readings by the Daily Empress. They were so spot on it was eerie. The Empress has a gift ! I recommend DE to everyone!

  6. thank you so much – my reading was so accurate – career path you saw and i was not expecting has been proposed to me within 30 days; you told me so much, helped me so even in medical issue -which i know you dont look into in the readings but girlie you are spot on.- i look forward to your reading/laugh everyday!

  7. Fascinating intriguing read, certainly opened my mind to so many concepts & connections to the Obama/Markle relationship

  8. I recently got a reading which was very impressive. Covered many layers and DE read in a lot of details only I knew, as well as presenting details which gave food for thought on all levels, both emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. She has a deep knowledge of Tarot as well as a strong intuition working in her favour. A very gifted lady who I can highly recommend!

  9. thank you for my birthday reading you answered my questions and concerns -u were right on the money with my 2 path options – Thank you again. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021

  10. A formidable psychic! The Daily Empress has read for me a few times and she has great abilities to assess state of affairs I ask about. Very accurate and deeply appreciated.

    I recommend her wholeheartedly. She predicted the outcomes of several situations for me very accurately, with uncanny insight into situations.

    She is brilliant!
    Thank you Empress, will look forward to my next reading.

  11. I have had several readings, not only do they touch on personal information that only I have knowledge of, the readings content have consistently come to fruition. DE has helped me be better prepared and more thoughtful through her gift.

  12. I first discovered Daily Empress on YouTube, I enjoyed listening to her readings. I have ordered several readings from her. Her accuracy has blown me away time and time again. She is not only accurate, her presentation is down to earth and laced with humor. I highly recommend getting a ready from her. Thank you Daily Empress!

  13. I approached DE a couple of months ago for a reading on a sensitive family issue. Her findings were spot on and as the situation evolved her reading became clearer and more accurate. The reading was delivered via a private YouTube link in less than 48 hours. Most impressed with the entire experience. Anna

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