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Bill, Tony, Meghan + Harry

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3 thoughts on “Bill, Tony, Meghan + Harry”

  1. I think India is taking legal action because of a 23 year old man who died after having the V . we’ve been told many times , it’s safe . The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights – 2005 – makes it clear that “before a V or any treatment to a person , they should be informed of the side effects of the medicine and also about alternative remedies available ” . We were all told these were safe and effective and i don’t know of anyone i know whose had them and been told of any side effects or alternatives . they ‘ve been ja**ed and my Aunt had a stroke and blood clot on her brain soon afterwards , now she can hardly talk and sleeps all day . i’m too scared to tell her or her close family it was probably the V .but i think they’ll begin to see this for themselves soon , it’s heart breaking , she was fine before this . thank you so much DE . love your Readings .

  2. India’s Bar Association has just served papers on Bill regarding the Astrazenica V . accused of murder by Bombay High Court .
    thanks DE , love your videos !

  3. our Gov’s aren’t telling us new corona viruses appear every Winter , they’re always seasonal in Winter so how could it have started in South Africa , with their Summer just starting ? Corona viruses change all the time , this is why v**ines can’t work for them ! thanks so much DE . love your videos !

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