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Biden update

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10 thoughts on “Biden update”

  1. have you heard the Left dropping the psy-ops preparation, that we might end up with two Presidents, That there will be 2 inaugurations. Is this the path they will keep on going down? Are they ever just going to give up ?

  2. CNA did video re Dominion voting machined. Germany server was networked to lots of countries. Serbia, Venezuela, China, more. Passwords to machines had not been changed for years. They were communicating with server when it went off line. No idea what happened to server. Who has it. Stinks.

  3. My point was, no point with what they are doing with lockdowns. UK border closed. Covid will be like flu, coming back every year. Economy must be opened. 35% of US dollars printed this year.

  4. Hello everyone! Merry Christmas 🎄Real question is how long before Harris takes over if he gets in. Also, another strain Covid in S Africa today.

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