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Biden Transition Stopped

Navarro Report https://www.scribd.com/document/488495896/Navarro-Report#from_embed

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33 thoughts on “Biden Transition Stopped”

  1. Remember Trump said he wished Harry luck with Meghan- he was going to need it. We all wondered why. Now here it is.

  2. So, I was stricken by YouTube after they got me to do their update. The update allows them to share all your google info. Is it possible to reverse the update? What is the best video platform now? I cannot believe both Newsmax and OAN have come out for Biden. This is not over. They are traitors too.

  3. DET makes more sense than alrnative and mainstream media. Indeed, the Pentagon movng to stop Biden`s transition cannot be understimated. Thanks for your reading and clever comments.

  4. Thank you DE great reading. It confirmed all my doubts about Biden winning. Very hopeful 💐karma for H and M an end to all the lies

    1. I couldn’t agree more – brilliant reading which I really enjoyed. Surely this is going to be devastating for the Markles – I just hope karma is catching up with them at last. Happy Christmas from U.K.

  5. Tim Pool did video on hatch. Dominion did use software that was hacked. Company claims that did not use that configuration, but refuses to let their soft be examined to verify that hacked software was not used.

  6. The video is blank again today for me.
    I can tell you are on live . But I see and hear nothing . Bummer 2 days now .

  7. After the last 6 years, I don’t trust any government agency to do the right thing. Corruption everywhere.

  8. Last time this happened, Tim Pool speculated that they were going to be talking about irregularities in the election . Reason why they did not want Biden’s people there.

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