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Prince Harry, James Corden + Canned Laughter

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13 thoughts on “Prince Harry, James Corden + Canned Laughter”

  1. Come on lets light up a bit, shall we? Lots of famous people took a ride with Corden, it is fun it is funny and so was with Harry. They were clever not to include Meghan though. Even they are now seeing she couldn`t pull it off. Probably they having second thoughts about the tell all interview and are trying to salvage Harry`s image before the disaster strikes.

  2. Thanks! I’d like to give you a heads up, I’m sun sign Scorpio( 9th house) aquarisius rising. Moon 6th house. I’m very tedious about knowing the dirt but it makes me good at knowing how everyone and everything ticks. I’m just not a mean Scorpio with a sting
    Ps. I pretty sure I have Donald Trump following me on parler. Just go back and read one of the links. Mainly his campaign people and his family are following him. I’m following you on parler as well. This is the first time a senator upvoted one of my comments. Wow! One thing that will happen on parler, you will be blocked or banned for incitement of riot or defamation of character.

    Thanks again,

  3. The James Corden interview has gone down like a lead balloon in the U.K. Also waffle maker, crocodile & roast chicken are slang terms for sex positions used by Harry as an in joke that they think the viewer doesn’t understand. Look them up in the Urban dictionary. Corden also says Henry Winkler .. Harry’s real name is Henry & we can all guess what a winkler is. As if the Queen would buy a waffle maker for a baby & speech development experts say it’s impossible for a baby’s first word to be crocodile. Even the taking a pee is a term we use to mean mocking someone.

    1. And he is not taking the piss out of James Cordon.
      He is taking the piss out of every TV viewer and newspaper reader. If he thinks he is funny, he is not. He is nasty and condescending. It reminds me of the relentless piss-taking he used to engage in with his brother. A little bit of that can be seen in old TV documentaries Harry and William did together, and royal biographers talk about it. It’s competitiveness and rivalry masked as “harmless” ribbing and joking.

      1. It just occurred to me, by Harry saying the Queen gave them a waffle maker, with the implied sexual innuendo he is actually insulting the Queen. How much worse can this man get?

      2. No James Corden is in on the joke, it’s him who says to Harry Henry Winkler lives there then spits his tea out laughing. They’re trying to get as many dirty slang references into the chat as they can without the viewers realising what they’re doing so the jokes on the audience. They did used to mess around bu5 William would never connect terms like this with his sons, the Queen or Prince Philip. It’s so arrogant and disrespectful.

  4. Yes, the canned laughter works. When the DE said: “That would improve their reputation”, followed by canned laughter, I cracked up. Interesting that Corden may feel bad for the Sussexes ‘ poor image. He sees them from the outside, a perspective unavailable to narcissists. British royal commentators have been scathing about this comedy piece, unbefitting for a royal. It may be a success with people who don’t know what the purpose of the British Monarchy is (providing the Head of State). In the long-term, the comedy route may also not be conducive to Meghan’s serious political ambitions. Yes, some bits are funny, but the comedy attempt smacks of desperation by a couple who never intended to be comedians. They want to be seen as humanitarians and agents of cultural and political change. They want to do more than just entertain. That’s why it’s so baffling but also revealing that Harry has “no idea” what follows next for him after lockdown. He has got no future designs for his life or career, despite having had plenty of time to think about it. He said he wanted to continue roughly what he has always done: public service. I’m not sure on which planet Prince Henry of Wales lives. I cannot quite grasp the extent of his delusional beliefs about what his life is now. He is 5000 miles away from the British monarchy where he could and did lead a life of public service. California is not a kingdom, but apparently this is what Prince Henry believes and Meghan tells him. How long will it take him to come to terms or even realise that he has been retired as a royal and is effectively now a private person? Perhaps, if the Queen removed his HRH, he would finally awaken and realise that his life has changed. The disadvantage would be that the removal of his HRH would mirror his mother’s life even more and I believe that this is his unconscious aim. I find it very telling that during the comedy show Harry kept referencing royal status (“We royals don’t carry cash”). If this comedy piece is a one off, it may be acceptable. However, if Harry has to continue in this way to save his reputation, he may officially become a joke and nothing more than a minor celebrity. We in Britain see things differently because the monarchy has a role in British public life. And that is no joke. No one wants it to be associated with another “It’s a royal knockout”, Prince Edward’s attempt at combining royals with fun.

    1. Hi DE,

      Perhaps the Queen of Swords is Oprah? She may have suggested this idea to James Corbin to improve Harry’s image before their interview with her, in the hopes of lifting her ratings🤔

  5. Hey DE!!! 🌹 James Cordin is a rabid anti-Trumper and Trump basher. Can’t stand him! I noticed some new urban dictionary words in this video much like that ‘Roasted Chicken’ comment was. Have a look at crocodile and waffle iron…sick puppies! Miss the chat, but I can’t get through a day without hearing your wonderful voice and laughter 💖

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