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Astrology Update: Missing now Found Jessica Ridgeway

10/12/12  The police have confirmed that the body found in Arvada, Colorado is Jessica Ridgeway. Below I have bolded the information from my astrology reading  that proved to be accurate.  I had hoped that she would be found alive as many others did.  Very sad news, hopefully they will catch the person responsible for this horrific crime.   R.I.P. Jessica

This article was originally posted 10/10/12 at 12pm
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10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway was last seen at approximately 8:30AM on Friday, October 5, 2012, at her home in Westminster, CO by her mother as she left for school.
When using astrology to find out what happened to a missing person and attempt to locate the person, the question of what time to use is variable. Some astrologers will only use the time when 911 is called. In this case, the police were not called for about eight hours after Jessica went missing. In this delineation, I am using the time that she is reported to have been seen last.

Libra rising, last degree may show that she is a pretty girl and/or was wearing a pretty outfit.
Saturn on the ascendant does not bode well for Jessica as it causes delays, hindrances, frustrations, and disappointments. Saturn here could indicate her being held captive and possibly restrained.

Saturn rules 3rd and 4th house and very close to asc may show someone in her neighborhood or right near her home confronting her as she walked out of her house. Saturn receives Venus showing that who or what Saturn is, wanted this little girl and/or liked her. Jessica is Venus in Virgo so she does not have any feelings for the Saturn person but does really like the Mercury person or thing (who is with Saturn).

The news reported that she normally met her friends at the park and they walked to school together but on this day she never showed up so her friends went to school without her. So she was apparently taken somewhere in the three blocks between her house and where she met her friends.

Saturn indicates someone thin, have a dark look (either in complexion, hair, clothes, and or vehicle abductor was driving.) It could also indicate the abductors coloring her hair darker.

Jessica is Venus in Virgo, in fall, this may show that she is ill or hurt and not doing well.

The chart shows that she may be in the direction of South or Southwest from her home.

Venus in Virgo indicates that she may be inside of something, in a storehouse possibly with dairy types of food, a place where grains are kept, or other place where physical labor or work is done. [she was found near an old cabin that was part of a mining operation] She may be near a border, or fence. In a plain, sparsely decorated place.

She could be in or near a place where medical supplies or a doctor’s office is located. It may be in or near a veterinarian’s office as she could be with small animals (goat sized or smaller.) She could be in or near a farm or place with animals.

She could be at ground level or beneath, in a cellar of some kind. She may also be near a bridge and/or cement, pavement. [She was found a few feet from a fence, old cabin that was part of a mining operation, and pavement highway.]

Venus and the co-indicator of her, the Moon are both ruled by Mercury at zero degrees of Scorpio in the first house. Mercury which rules the 9th and 11th houses is approaching a sextile with Venus (Jessica). This could mean that she went on a secret trip to meet a “friend” that she met on the internet or someone approached her and said that they would take her to her friends. Mercury in Scorpio could indicate a secret or secret plan. Mercury in Scorpio could also indicate a dark colored vehicle approaching her (Mercury in the first house) and taking her (Mercury sextile Venus).
Mercury ruling the 9th could also indicate a foreign person and it could be more than one person who took her as there are two planets (Mercury and Saturn) close to the ascendant. It could have been a young person approaching her (Mercury is the natural ruler of young people.)

The ascendant and Saturn are Antiscia Neptune. This again shows secrets, deceptions, and confusion surrounding Jessica at this time. This partly describes the fact that her mother was asleep after working a night shift and did not return the school’s call that her daughter wasn’t in school until eight hours later. Neptune co-rules friends and Saturn, neighborhood and home, so someone could have been pretending to be a friend or pretending to take her to her friends or school could be indicated. Mercury (r-9) trine Neptune (r-5) reinforces the possibility of someone who is foreign or contacted her through the internet.

There is a connection of Saturn to Mars (r-7th house of abductor, open-enemy), it is not strong, by term. Saturn does not like Mars and vice versa so they may work together but not closely. Saturn does not like Jessica’s 2nd house of belongings, and may show that is why her backpack was discarded on the street.

It was reported that six miles Northwest from Jessica’s home in Westminster, CO., Jessica’s backpack was found on a sidewalk in Superior, CO. Police are investigating for more clues. Throwing her backpack in front of someone’s house may indicate sloppiness of the abductors or that they are attempting to confuse the police as to the direction of where they took Jessica. It may also possibly have been Jessica’s way of alerting police to her whereabouts as Mercury in the first house could indicate her intelligence in trying to deal with the situation. The chart shows her to be in a Southern direction so it may be an attempt to mislead the police.

The connection of two malefics, Saturn and Mars could show the original abductor handing her off to someone else. Mars is in Scorpio, aggressive, well-hidden young man and is about to enter the sign of Sagittarius which could indicate that one abductor is headed far away or to a foreign country. Another indication that she may be headed far away or to a foreign country is that her co-ruler, the Moon in Gemini is applying to conjoin Jupiter which is the natural ruler of foreigners and distant places. Jupiter may also indicate a religious place or on of higher learning like a University.

Moon in Gemini could also indicate that she is near transportation,[She was found a few feet from pavement highway.] buses, trains, or where information is kept: libraries, storehouses for books, schools, storage receptacles, tools, and/or paper. She may be found or kept near her own school. [she was found 6-7 miles from her school/home]

In general, this chart can be seen as unfortunate due to the fact that the benefics are placed in detriment/fall while the malefics are very strong in dignity and exaltation. However, there is hope in finding Jessica again by virtue of the fact that she is signified by a benefic and both Jupiter and Venus are elevated while the malefics are low down in the chart.  Also, malefics in good zodiacal state tend not to do too much harm so she may be found alive.

The abductors had an eight hour lead in escaping with Jessica before an amber alert was enacted. However, they may be caught. One possibility is that while trying to travel and/or leave the country, they will make a mistake and be captured.

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# re: Astrology Update: Missing now Found Jessica Ridgeway @ Sunday, October 14, 2012 5:42 PM
I saw this page online before they found the body! Posted it the missing Jessica page too. I also stressed to my boyfriend that you were right on several things here, which I am glad you highlighted what I read was right on. I sure wish law enforcement would take any astrology written into concideration in horrific cases which would help in the investigations. Hopefully the end what you wrote will be true and they find this killer because he screwed up, and put him to justice. Very sadden by this little girl and I pray justice will be served before another child gets hurt. What the family is going through is beyond anything! 🙁 I’m in California and was following this story all the time. So many missing children, its very sad. [Remove this Comment]
Elaine A.
# re: Astrology Update: Missing now Found Jessica Ridgeway @ Sunday, October 14, 2012 7:59 PM
Hi Elaine,
Thank you for writing and forwarding it on!

I did post my blog originally at around 12:00 PM EDT Wed 10/10 and that evening (I heard about it around 9:00pm) they found the body so I wasn’t sure if anyone knew that so thanks for confirming that you saw it before they found her body!

It is a very sad and disturbing case, hopefully justice will be served soon. [Remove this Comment]
Saturn Astrology Readings
# re: Astrology Update: Missing now Found Jessica Ridgeway @ Monday, October 15, 2012 1:18 PM
Yes I saw this page on Wednesday afternoon, Oct 10 about 2:30pm PDT, way before the body was found or even announced. Home for lunch and was looking for more info. Wish the outcome was better though(Jessica’s crime) 🙁 [Remove this Comment]
Elaine A.
# re: Astrology Update: Missing now Found Jessica Ridgeway @ Wednesday, October 24, 2012 11:57 AM
There has been an arrest of a 17 year old boy, like you had explained.. I also saw this before the highlighted update, seems like you’re dead on so far. So in that case we need to find the older person he works with too! [Remove this Comment]
# re: Astrology Update: Missing now Found Jessica Ridgeway @ Friday, November 30, 2012 8:56 AM
thanks for this post, interesting.

See google’s cached page here – this link doesnt work. To prove you were right better leave the original page unchanged next time.

ps. the original photos sources are missing

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