Astrology of Hillary Clinton and Solar Eclipse

Hillary Clinton has been prominent the news recently. It was announced in November 2012 that the Secretary of State was planning to resign. Some say she intends to prepare for the 2016 presidential race. She just finished a successful trip on Nov 20th  and  brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.  In this article I will look at Hillary’s natal chart along with the Nov 13th eclipse and how its timing is significant  for Hillary Clinton’s life.

First, it is important to note that Astro-databank is not clear about her birth time, it is not 100% certain.  The birth data for her given is: 26 October 1947 at 8:02 AM Chicago, Illinois.   I am using this time as it does seem to fit her life.

Hillary has Scorpio rising, an intense, honest, loyal, and sensitive water sign.  This would cause her to be highly attuned to her surroundings.  Ruled by Mars and Pluto, she is not frightened away easily and will fight to the end.  She is very fixed, 6 out of 10 planets in fixed signs, indicating that she will stick to her decisions and could be very stubborn. Her charts lacks cardinal mode which means that she may not be as ambitious as she could be, however the squares in her chart do help compensate for this. It is clear that many want her to run for president but she has not committed to anything and has stated that she just wants to take a break.

Mercury on her ascendant means that she is very intelligent, well-spoken and has an excellent memory.  Mercury ruling her 8th house and placed on her ascendant can indicate that she is not afraid to take risks. Politics is a dangerous game for many reasons and flying into the Middle East during a conflict is not for the faint of heart.  Hillary has a very strong chart and Jupiter in the first house in Sagittarius gives her luck and  protection.  Jupiter in Sagittarius also gives her success in foreign places.

Ruler of her 1st and 5th house, Mars, in the 9th house shows that higher education, law, children and foreign affairs would figure prominently in her life.  She went to Yale Law school and specialized in children’s legal issues, worked at the Yale Child Study Center and worked on child abuse cases and helped pass many laws to help children all indicative of a prominent 5th house ruler in the 9th house. [Angelina Jolie’s Mars also rules her 5th house, placed in her 9th and she has traveled around the world adopting children from various foreign countries!]

Hillary has a sensitive Moon in Pisces trine her ascendant indicating her popularity and being a public figure for much of her life.  Three planets, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars in Leo high up in her chart, square her ascendant, points to her ambitions to be a leader.  Mars and Pluto are in mutual reception with her Sun giving her extra energy and ability to lead, especially in dealings with foreign places/relations (Saturn, Pluto, Mars in 9th)

Virgo on the MC, she is destined to serve others, many politicians/service men and women have Virgo prominent in their charts.    Ruler of her MC conjoins her ascendant indicates that her public personae is an integral part of her career.  This along with Moon trine her ascendant, 7th house ruler also conjunct Mercury/asc, Sun sextile MC, Sun in mut. rec. with first house rulers all  indicates that she was destined to be a prominent, well-known and recognizable leader.

Hillary has had a long-lasting marriage with fixed signs on the 1/7 relationship axis. However, her husband having secret affairs, a la the Lewinsky scandal [Monica Lewinsky is about to release a second book about her affair with Bill Clinton any day now].  Hillary’s husband is shown by Venus in her 12th house of secrets and secret enemies but in a fixed sign indicating longevity of the marriage even with the problems (Mars in Leo [Hillary]  square Venus in Scorpio [Bill]).  The dispositors of Mars and Venus (Sun and Mars) are in Mutual reception bonding them together successfully.

On Nov 13, 2012 there was a Total Solar Eclipse will occur at 21° Scorpio 56´ which fell exactly on her Mercury (8,10) and Ascendant. [If this is her correct birth time.]  The week before this eclipse, she made the surprise announcement that she would be ending her career as Secretary of State. 

I wrote about this eclipse in a previous blog and mentioned that November 20th would be a significant day as transiting Mercury would hit the eclipse point.  This was the day that it was announced that Hillary was traveling to the Middle East to help reach a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. 

Mercury is still retrograde and will go direct on November 26th and hit the eclipse point again on December 3rd.  This may cause another round of talks in the Middle East becoming necessary or she may be rewarded/recognized for her previous actions on November 20th or something else.  Another possibility for her to obtain some reward/recognition would be on Dec 9th when Venus transits the eclipse point. 

This eclipse fell on a very important – if not the most important point in Hillary’s chart [if this is the correct birth time].  Either way, her Mercury is affected by this eclipse and will be for another couple of years.  This may mean that she will not be able to transition out of her position as quickly as she had hoped and will accomplish more significant ventures (Mercury rules her career) or she may be in the news for other reasons.

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