Astrology Forecast Sept 3 – 9 2018

Sep 3 2018    Mercury    Sxt    Venus
   25°Le33′ D    25°Li33′ D

Flowing social conversation. Spirit of compromise and agreement. Harmonious interaction. Clarity. Appreciation of beauty.

This will be a relief in relationship and money matters as Mercury forms a positive aspect with Venus.  This is an auspicious time for signing documents – especially one’s that pertain to money, beauty, children, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and  relationships.

This is also a positive time for diplomatic relations, so scheduling meetings now would work out more pleasantly.  It is an auspicious time to make peace with others that you may have had some difficulties with. This is also a good time for writing, speaking, all forms of communication.  Enjoying music, the arts, and literature (alone or with others) are all favored now.  A good time to sign contracts and make financial arrangements.

Sep 5 2018    Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo which will strengthen people’s thinking and detail work. Mercury will remain in Virgo until September 21st.

During the Mercury’s trip through Virgo health matters will feature heavily in the news and in business.  There may also be an emphasis on financial, business operations, service oriented work and animal

People may be more critical and thinking from a fact based, logical perspective rather than moral or ethical ways.  Crunching numbers, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ will be very important now in all official transactions.  Any work my receive more scrutiny and dissection than usual.

This will be a benefit in the areas of: mathematics, scientific research, medicine and hygiene.  Any type of detail oriented work may flourish during this transit. Work will be the focus of everyone and doing any kind of detail or accounting work will be successful now.  Virgo also rules small animals so this is a good time to focus on a furry family member and/or take a class on how to train your pet!

This is an excellent time to do a personal inventory of what you want out of life and detailing how you will reach your goals.  This is also a good time to devise a strategy and implement a new.

Sep 6 2018    Saturn Stations   Direct
   02°Cp32′ D
Saturn represents many things including laws, regulations, policies, burdens, work, career, the elderly and disadvantages, as well as being the traditional planet of death.
Saturn also rules structures of all kinds including the bones/teeth of a human body. Saturn in Sagittarius strongly pertains to these issues that also deal with issues surrounding beliefs, foreign matters, religion, international travel, law and higher knowledge.Saturn finally stationing direct today  indicates an issue related to Saturn which may be getting back to normal now or finally being settled now.  A foreign or legal matter which may have been questionable may finally be squared away.

Sep 7 2018    Mercury    Tri    Uranus
   02°Vi11′ D    02°Ta11′ R

Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

Mercury represents thinking, news, communications, travels and Uranus is the planet of genius originality.  These two planets trine each other which may cause a flurry of new ideas and solutions.  This is an excellent time to brainstorm and figure out how to go about things that need attention.  Electronic communications (cell phones, ipads, etc) to be most prominent in the news.

There may be some shocking new quickly spreading around too as rumors and gossip could fly at lightning speed.   This is an auspicious week for inventing something new that may concern the written or spoken word and gathering information.  Once way this aspect may work out is in improving ways to email/text or communicate online.

While this influence can be fast and exciting it can also be overwhelming.  Avoid getting too caught up in video games, online discourse or other electronic dialogue as there is the potential for overdoing things, which could lead to burn out and exhaustion.

Mere mortals need their rest and unplugging from the mass communications online may be the healthiest move.  Take a siesta if you find yourself becoming carried away or overwhelmed with electronic information and discussions.

Sep 7 2018    Mercury    Tri    Saturn
   02°Vi32′ D    02°Cp32′ D
Rational and logical thinking. Concentration and focus. Organization. Serious communication. Agreeable solitude.

Mercury in a positive aspect to Saturn is a good time for some critical yet practical decisions and plans.  This is an auspicious time to deal with important paperwork, facts, figures or conversations.You may find it easier to bring ideas into focus and create something meaningful, long-lasting and successful.  This is not a cheerful type of aspect so you may not feel like you are doing well even if you are.  This is a time for patience, maturity, and concentration when processing information or communicating with others.  This is a good time to tackle the more difficult projects or discussions.  It is also a positive time to deal with much older or younger people where you may share a teacher/student dynamic.

This is also an excellent time for organizing paperwork, computer files, and anything that deals with the written or spoken word.  If there is a daunting task that you have been avoiding then now is the time to plow through it.

Decisions, rules or programs implemented now may become a precedent or become “carved in stone.”

Sep 7 2018    Sun    Opp    Neptune
   15°Vi04′ D    15°Pi04′ R

Lack of clarity. Unknown factors which challenge judgment. The practical use of art and music. Impressionability. Escapist urges. Misunderstandings. Visions which deceive. Mistakes and errors in judgment. Foggy or sloppy conditions.

Confusion, scandals, or deceptions between leaders nd/or by leaders.  Scandal may erupt and difficulties in negotiations. Lack of clarity, obfuscation on important issues. Unknown factors which challenge judgment.

This is a beneficial time for art and music. A general feeling of laziness and wanting to escape reality.  Issues concerning entertainment and drugs (chemicals) may be addressed now by governments or leaders.

Sep 8 2018    Venus    Sqr    Mars
   29°Li37′ D    29°Cp37′ D

Passionate or very emotional reactions.  Tense sensuality. Difficulties with assertiveness and cooperation.

Love, creativity, and romance are highlighted now.  Passions may run high and lead to upsets for some.  Others may experience and sudden attraction to someone or something else.  Artists may have a sudden burst of inspiration now.

Avoid doing anything you may regret later after this aspect passes.  While in relationships it might seem like a match made in heaven, only time will tell.  Avoid overspending or overdoing things now.

Sep 9 2018    Venus enters Scorpio

An intense need for relationships. Passionate in relations with others. A desire to know your partner’s innermost thoughts and yet have a tendency towards secrecy.

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, which does not make it a weak influence but it may cause things ruled by Venus to become more intense, passionate and secretive. Venus is known as a lesser benefic but sometimes her influence can be more warlike.

Venus is in her warlike Morning Star position now which amplifies things. This means that relationships, women, financial matters, art, life/death issues may become more problematic.

Sep 9 2018   New Moon
17 Virgo

We have a New Moon at 17 degrees of Virgo on Thursday Sept 9th.  Virgo is a feminine, earth, mutable sign ruled by Mercury.

In traditional astrology, Virgo is cold, barren, nocturnal, critical, efficient, retiring, human, studious, analytical, inquisitive, neat, fussy, fastidious, conservative and pessimistic.  It rules over the intestines and people with afflictions in their charts to Virgo planets may become hypochondriacs or ‘germaphobes’ obsessed with sanitation and avoiding illnesses.  Sometimes they make themselves sick from worrying too much about bodily functions that are supposed to be unconscious.

On another note, Virgo also rules over study halls, libraries, bookkeeping, drug stores, servants quarters, wherever food is stored, pantries, wheat, silos, warehouses.  The FDA could be seen as a Virgo entity, in charge of double checking food and drug safety.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, means that dealing critically and analytically with information is also a facet of this sign. Secretaries, writers, accountants, editors, copywriters, dress makers, veterinarians, health workers, computer programmers, and hospital workers fall under this sign.

Mercury rules over all forms of communications from text messages to legal documents, rumors, speeches, and the news media.  Mercury also rules over merchants, traders, vehicles, local travel/transportation, mathematics, thievery, forgery, hands and arms of the body.

A New Moon in Virgo can mean a new beginning or changes related to any of these areas. 

New or Full Moons don’t always signify something significant on an individual level, unless it closely aspects something in your natal chart.  However, it will describe some major current event occurring at the time.

The following Full Moon brings to fruition what began at the New Moon.  So the Full Moon at 24 degrees of Pisces.

Pisces  is a passives sign, representing the feeble, helpless, repressed, sick, enslaved and powerless people. Pisces rules over chemicals, confusion, disinformation, illusion, water, psychic phenomena, and the ocean.  Hospitals, prisons, secret enemies and behind-the-scenes transactions occur in this sign.

The Full Moon will fulfill the promise of the New Moon.

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