Astrology Forecast October 7 – 13 2018

Oct 8 2018  New Moon
15 Libra
  The New Moon signifies the beginnings and endings of things.  Read my previous post to find out generally how the New Moon will affect your Sun sign/Ascendant.  For more details on whether this New Moon will have a significant impact on your life will be determined by how it and other planets aspect your natal chart.
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Oct 9 2018    Mercury enters Scorpio
Mercury in Scorpio makes conversations and news stories more intense, secretive, and blunt. Emotions may run deep on any subject covered. Topics the include mysteries true crime, criminal organizations, corruption, joint finances, mediums, life/death issues, emergencies, and other intense (or transformative) events may dominate the news and be the topic of conversation.
Conspiracy theories may run rampant now as power issues and powerful people make the news.  People may be wondering, in general, what is being hidden from them or what is not being said?  Mercury in Scorpio is excellent for psychology and therapy.  Body language, lip reading, forensic linguistics or other techniques that allow an investigator to extract hidden meanings may go well now. This is a good time to research, study, investigate something. You may discover a hidden treasure.
Oct 10 2018    Mercury    Opp    Uranus
   01°Sc05′ D    01°Ta05′ R
News and information may be disruptive now or come from unexpected places.  There may be some shocking ideas now that could upset people.   On the flip side, there may be some breakthrough in technology or other field that could lead to new ways of doing things.  Inventive ideas and thinking outside the box are beneficial today.  Be prepared to possibly to be surprised and/or disappointed by others today as things don’t go as planned.
Oct 10 2018    Venus    Sqr    Mars
   10°Sc16′ R    10°Aq16′ D

Passionate or very emotional reactions.  Tense sensuality. Difficulties with assertiveness and cooperation.

Love, creativity, and romance are highlighted now.  Passions may run high and lead to upsets for some.  Others may experience and sudden attraction to someone or something else.  Artists may have a sudden burst of inspiration now.

Avoid doing anything you may regret later after this aspect passes.  While in relationships it might seem like a match made in heaven, only time will tell.  Avoid overspending or overdoing things now.

Oct 12 2018    Sun    Sqr    Pluto
   18°Li47′ D    18°Cp47′ D
Leaders may be too forceful or manipulative in their approach that could lead to abusive.  Avoid getting drawn into power plays around this time that could become worse.  The good of the many supersede the benefits of one person or group.  Now is not a good time to try to persuade or influence someone to do something or it could turn against you.  A possibility of one using excessive force or underhanded means to an end are possible.
This is a powerful time to confront a problem and make a breakthrough in something that has been overwhelming or intimidating you.  Now you have the power to take charge and confront your fears – the trick is to avoid pushing too hard.
Oct 12 2018    Mercury    Sxt    Saturn
   03°Sc34′ D    03°Cp34′ D    4:19a
Now is the time to come up with a plan.  Any schedule or organization that you make today will be sound. Thinking long-term and seeking the advice of more experienced minds will work is best at this time.  Doing and detail work, crunching numbers may be most satisfying now.  Anything that you want to accomplish in the future, now is the time to figure out exactly how you plan on achieving it.   News or information may arise which may be helpful in building your future.  Intelligent planning is called for now.

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