Astrology Forecast Oct 28 – Nov 4 2018

Oct 29 2018    Mercury    Cnj    Jupiter

27°Sc49′ D    27°Sc49′ D

Sound judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching. Bountiful optimism now as people think big. This is an excellent time to learning something new or expanding one’s experiences. An auspicious time to reach out and interact with new people from different cultures. This aspect also favors teaching something new. A positive time to sign new contracts or initiate a writing/publishing project.

It may be easier to create or communicate to a larger audience as knowing what or how to say something that will be well-received by many is favored. Foreign, religious or spiritual communications are successful as well as traveling.

This is a time when you can think big and take in all of the necessary details simultaneously.

Oct 31 2018    Mercury enters Sagittarius

You seek knowledge to expand your world view. You are a born philosopher, enjoying any information which helps you see the big picture. For instance you may enjoy a religious debate. You place importance on freedom of speech and thought.

The planet of communication and processing information has left the intense and suspicious sign of Scorpio and is now bursting with optimism in Sagittarius!  Now is the time to learn new things, travel, meet new people, or just expand your thinking and information in some way.

This is not to say that it is all wonderful as Mercury is in detriment here so try to avoid doing too much when spreading the word out or taking on more classes than you can realistically accomplish.  Mercury in Sagittarius can be very wise and appreciate the ‘big picture’ however there is also a danger of becoming overly exuberant with a new thought or belief and becoming overbearing or pompous with opinions. Debates over beliefs, expert or educated opinions may get carried away now.

Oct 31 2018    Venus    Opp    Uranus   

00°Sc15′ R    00°Ta15′ R

Venus opposed Uranus three times on her retrograde journey.  The first Venus/Uranus opposition was on Sept 12th, then Oct 31st and the final one on Nov 30th.  This means something similar or related pertaining to Venus (women, finances, luxury items) and Uranus (shocking, sudden, unexpected, ingenious) may occur around these dates.

Things may get intense and exciting in relationships and finances.  Some surprising or even shocking developments may occur by or to women and children.  Supporters of women’s causes may protest at this time.

This could be disruptive and unconventional time in social events and relationships. There may be rebellious activities occurring now. This could also signify an break in diplomatic or other relations.  Surprises in stock market.  Bizarre relationships may form now or abruptly change/separate.

Oct 31 2018    Venus re-enters Libra

Venus leaves the sign of it’s fall to enter her dignity of Libra for the second time this year (the last time she entered Libra was on Aug 6th.)  People with planets in Libra will be feeling the love, generosity and good luck bestowed by this lesser benefic.

Whether you have planets/points in Libra or not, you may notice that things seem to be going better than before, especially in anything ruled by Venus: women, money, creativity, art, music, romance, relationships, negotiations, and diplomacy.

People want to enjoy pleasantries and indulge from now until Venus leave Libra.  They also want fairness and justice.    This is a wonderful time for enjoying time with friends, building new relationships (business or personal) and earning money.

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