Astrology Forecast Oct 22 – 28 2018

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  • Monday, Oct 22 2018 Mercury Sxt Pluto
    18°Sc52′ D 18°Cp52′ D

People will thinking more seriously, deeply and intensely about things at this time. This is an excellent time for doing any investigation or research of any kind. Life/death/security issues are also on people’s minds.

If you have been meaning to write a letter about something important (good or bad) writing it now and sending it out will ensure that is has the most powerful impact possible.

Mediums and psychics may be getting more or better messages than usual. This is an excellent time for communicating with the other side, even if you don’t normally get messages from the other side, you may get a sign or some sort of message today.

This is also a good time to work on joint finances, bills, taxes, estates as well as any secretive matters. You may receive the alimony, insurance or other money you were owed.

This is also a good time for mystery writing, intense artwork, living wills, psychology, occult, diet, sex, health matters, cleanses, power, powerful speaking/writing of all kinds.

This is a good day to destroy any junk mail or paperwork that needs to be shred. Purging information out of your life that is no longer relevant is a positive way to use this energy.

What you say and write today may affect a large number of people and potentially have a profound impact on your life. As with all transiting aspects, it depends on each individual’s chart how strongly a particular planetary aspect will affect them.

  • Tuesday, Oct 23 2018         Sun enters Scorpio

Happy Birthday Scorpios! (whether it’s today or coming up soon)
No matter what you sun sign is, at this time people may be feeling more passionate and intense now. There may also be more secretiveness and drama unfolding too.

The Sun enters so expect leaders to become more intense, possibly vindictive, dramatic and secretive. Scorpio is a powerful and honest sign but it can be secretive and obsessed in its desire power. There is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve more power as long as it is not abused or for selfish reasons. Therein lies the spectrum of where a Scorpio may rise to the highest heights of self-sacrifice for others or the lowest lows of manipulation and jealousies.

Sun in Scorpio portends to a complete transformation in leadership organization. On a personal level, now may be the time that people will want to make huge changes in their lives. Scorpio is fearless so this is a positive time to face something that you may have been avoiding.

There is immense will-power that can be expressed now which can lead to amazing accomplishments. Dealings with joint finances, insurance, paranormal, and life/death issues may be prominent now.

  • Oct 23 2018 Sun Opp Uranus
    00°Sc33′ D 00°Ta33′ R

Exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which challenge the status quo. Surprises and reversals. Misapplication of technical data. A nervous restlessness. Efforts to understand change and unconventional behavior.

Expect the unexpected from leaders and in the news. Shocking new stories may be released now. There may be disruptions in governments and organizations. Well laid plans may be completely changed at this time as things do not run their normal course. Now is the time to be flexible in daily events and as prepared as possible for unexpected mishaps.

Prominent people may say shocking things or get into public debates at this time. Use this time to think outside the box. You may have some breakthroughs in solving an old problem. If you have a flash of an idea about something, try it out and it may work perfectly.

  • Wednesday Oct 24 2018 Full Moon
    1 Taurus

Today’s Full Moon is auspicious not only because the Moon is exalted in Taurus but the Lights form a helpful aspect from a powerful Saturn in dignity. This Full Moon may show some final result or illuminate the next step in plans that began with the powerful New Moon last Oct 8th at 15 Libra.

This Full Moon in Taurus yields substantial and lasting results. An increase in finances may be the result with hard work and organization. This is a time for discipline and hard work. Organizing, strategizing and making plans are called for now.

This is a good time to enjoy the finer things in a traditional or organized/disciplined way. This may manifest as a business trip in extravagant location or organizing your personal finances. Wherever the Full Moon falls in your chart, you may find yourself the recipient of some gift or abundance. (Call me if you don’t know where that is.)

Today is a good day to relax and recharge your batteries in preparation for the next step in your financial matters or business ventures.

  • Oct 24 2018            Venus Sxt Saturn
    04°Sc21′ R 04°Cp21′ D

Venus will sextile Saturn three times in the next few months. Sept 12th, Oct 24, and Dec 16, 2018. This means that something similar or related, of a Venus/Saturn nature, may occur around these dates.

Inhibitions which preserve stability: loyalty, duty, economy. Diplomacy. Good judgment. Business agreements. Conservatism.

With Venus forming a positive aspect to Saturn, this may result in obtaining some stability in love and financial matters. Initiating a creative project will have solid results. Creating permanence in romantic and creative areas of life are favored today.

Benefits through older people, farms, coal, public buildings, state officials, or antiques. This is a good day to have an heirloom appraised. This is also a positive time to organize or attend to money matters. Doing something constructive which lays down the rules with children in a loving way, could be very successful now and last long-term.

Beautifying an old place or object may have some outstanding results. Painting, sculpture, and interior decorating are also favored under this aspect. Donations to charities will help more than usual today.


  • Friday Oct 26 2018      Sun Cnj Venus
    03°Sc06′ D 03°Sc06′ R

Venus will also be changing from her Evening Star to her Morning Star phase beginning on October 26th. This indicates that Venus’s influence will become more warlike than peaceful after October 26th.

Morning Star Venus rises before the Sun each morning while Evening Star Venus sets after the Sun. Astrologer Ronnie Dreyer writes, “It was said that the Morning Star’s [Venus] appearance in the eastern sky roused the soldiers to war, while the Evening Star’s arrival on the western sky induced passionate lovemaking and followed by restful sleep. As a result, the aggressive Morning Star and the soothing Evening Star exemplified the two faces of Inanna [Venus] – 1) the wrathful Goddess of War and 2) the tranquil Love and Fertility deity.”

In natal chart analysis, when Venus is in her Morning/Evening Star positions, Dreyer writes that Morning Star Venus, ” . . . it is more likely to convey her jealous, possessive aspects as well as proud, victorious qualities . . .The Evening Star, on the other hand, signifies the more passive, peaceful and loving Venus noted for her sensuality, beauty and facility for co-operation and harmony.”

Venus will remain in her Morning Star position from October 26, 2018 thru August 14, 2019. In general events and activities related to Venusian topics will be more active and eventful during that time. New relationships may start and be more passionate or full of activity.

  • Saturday, Oct 27 2018 Sun Sxt Saturn
    04°Sc37′ D 04°Cp37′ D

On a personal level, the Sun represents our ego, confidence and ability to get things done as we would like them. With the Sun in Scorpio this may be about balancing power, joint resources and transformational issues.

Saturn is all about discipline, doing what is right and authority. So if we combine these two planets even briefly it opens the doors to positive advancement! How do we take advantage of this?

Beginning right now, start making your plans for what you want to accomplish. With astrology it is all about births and beginnings. So start looking for that career you want by applying to an ad, making some phone calls, or signing up for that class. It can be as simple as making a list of what you need to do. If you have always wanted to be self-employed with an internet business, start writing the business plan, purchasing the web domain name, etc. You don’t have to do it all at once – just start it!

A business, enterprise, diet, trip, project . . . anything that you want to accomplish that takes a bit of planning, hard work and will result in you obtaining some authority, a certificate, degree, or award of some kind will have a very positive start with this Sun/Saturn aspect.

Don’t’ expect results right away as Saturn takes his time but watch how things unfurl and your success realized. Another way that this aspect between Sun/Saturn may manifest is that if you have been working hard on a project, business, etc you may reach a milestone, reward or some significant recognition tomorrow. This recognition (Sun) may show itself with an increased workload (Saturn). So if you find yourself buried with responsibilities around this time, be thankful, as it is a clear sign that you are on the right path and doing well!

So good luck on achieving your goals (Sun) and get to work (Saturn)!

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