Astrology Forecast Nov 12 – 18 2018

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Nov 15 2018    Mar    Sxt    Uranus
29°Aq40′ D    29°Ar40′ R
Individual actions and rebellions.  Revolutionary activities.  Events and actions accelerating to high speeds.  New mechanical inventions.  The desire to make things happen quickly.  Dynamic leadership. Expressing individuality through work and performance.

There may be some last minute actions or decisions which may lead to success.  This is the time to be open to taking new and sudden opportunities.  There is a method to the sudden rush of activity so trust your instincts and do what feels right.

You or others may be asserting your individuality in some way this week.  Protests and group calls to action for a rebellious or unusual cause will be successful.  This is an excellent time for sports, competition and starting a new exercise routine.

Nov 15 2018    Mars enters Pisces

You have a strong drive for a spiritual path. You have strong subconscious emotions, and are highly intuitive. You may resort to victim-like behaviour when faced with a threatening situation or person.

Mars in Pisces can indicate a more peaceful approach to problem-solving but it can also indicate attacks in a secretive manner or involving water/gases.   Mars is in honor of triplicity in this water sign so he is not weak.   Mars just tends to dissipate its energies.  This may result people becoming a bit lazier now or spreading their energies around on different projects.

This is a good time for water sports or any activities involving water, the ocean, chemicals,  creative imagination and/or spiritual pursuits.  This is also a good time to work in seclusion or behind-the-scenes.  There may be progress in spiritual pursuits.

Nov 16 2018    Venus Stations Direct
Venus stations Direct on Saturday after having been retrograde since October 5th.  This will indicate a turn around or change in relationships, money matters, children, creativity and other areas ruled by Venus.

Relationships may begin or end around this time.  You may return to a previous relationship or end a new one.  Money may finally be received that had been on hold since early March.  This may also portend to any diplomatic or trading issues.

There may be a prominent news story that involves women, children, finances, art, diplomatic missions, etc. – anything ruled by Venus.

Nov 16 2018    Mercury Stations Retrograde
 13°Sg29′ R
This is an excellent time for going back over old projects, novels, applications, forms, or other writing that you may have begun earlier, only to abandon the project before it was finished.  Also, any previously broken items dealing with communications may be fixed now!

Getting back in touch with people whom you haven’t spoken to in a while may turn into a very positive experience.  Reviewing, restarting, redoing or renovating is very successful while Mercury is retrograde.

This is not the best time to sign documents or other legal affairs. Watch out for communication mishaps, emails going to the wrong people, typos, messages not being received, computers, cell phones and fax machines breaking, etc.

Also, it is best to wait until Mercury is direct before purchasing any new communication equipment (cell phone, computers, etc.)

Commuting to work or around the neighborhood may prove to be more problematic than usual.  Try not to let any travel or communication delays/problems upset you.

Nov 19 2018    Mars    Sqr    Jupiter
  02°Pi33′ D    02°Sg33′ D
There may be a tendency to be overly optimistic or to stretch oneself too far under this transit.  Doing things in a structured way and in moderation will give the best results.
There may be an overreaction or overspending at this time, particularly in things that pertain to young men, mechanics, fighting or competition/sports.

Avoid pushing too hard or trying to accomplish too much as there is an expansion of fighting or physical activity.  Some may find some moral ground to commit acts of violence or aggression.  This is not an auspicious time for settling disagreements or disputes.

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