Astrology Forecast June 24 – July 1 2018

Jun 25 2018    Venus    Sqr    Jupiter

13°Le40′ D    13°Sc40′ R

Excessive sociability. The desire to “party”. Dramatic, extravagant gestures. Overindulgence. Overvaluing something.

A time for indulgence and spending time with loved ones. You may get more blessings than you ever expected now. This is an auspicious time for love and romance!  However, there may be a tendency to get carried away with eating, drinking, spending money or showing affection.  Enjoy the good feelings while trying to avoid being excessive or too indulgent.
This can be a very emotional time and the potential to confide in the wrong person or make a poor judgement call in a social situation or relationship may happen.  No matter how carried away you may feel in gatherings or events, avoid letting yourself go too far emotionally or financially.  Now is the time to rely on your own moral judgement and not be influenced by others.  Being discreet will help you avoid any drama.

Jun 26 2018    Mars    stations Retrograde

09°Aq13′ R

Mars retrogrades every two years and two months.  Mars will be retrograde from now through August 27, 2018 – approximately two months.

One of the ways that Mars being retrograde may affect some people is finding themselves going back to someone or something. This could mean people who have broken up may want to go back and give their relationship (or marriage) another try.  It might also mean, going back and trying to initiate a relationship with someone that was passed by before.

Of course, it is not always about romance, it could be going back to anything that was not done before.

With Mars retrograde, the courage to go back is strong and this could lead to some positive changes in people’s lives. Going back and trying out for a job or a place on a team. It could also mean, trying something for a second time, like taking a test again. If there was something that you had wanted to do before and didn’t for whatever reason (especially if it was because you lacked the confidence), now with mars retrograde you may be given the courage to go back and do it now, with ease!

Because Mars is closer to the earth when retrograde, tempers and temperatures may rise higher than usual figuratively and literally..  Be careful to avoid any fights or situations which could become dangerous. Also that things may slow down now so expect some delays, aggravations, and a general slowing down in activities where Mars is placed in your natal chart.

Go with the flow and follow your heart and see where Mars takes you back to and you may find success. Success that you almost missed out on!

June 27 2018  Full Moon
6 Capricorn
The full Moon at 6 Capricorn signifies, among other things, boundaries, laws, authority, tradition, suffering people and the government.   This theme will be emphasized more than usual with Saturn in the mix.  Saturn conjuncts the Moon and opposes the Sun.

Full Moons bring things to fruition and also reveal what the next step should be taken with regards to things begun two weeks earlier on the previous New Moon.

This may reveal some restrictions and hardships for leaders.  It may also result in new boundaries and restrictions being enforced now.  This is a time of setting down firm foundations which will endure the test of time.

Jun 27 2018    Sun    Opp    Saturn
05°Cn51′ D    05°Cp51′ R

Difficulties in maintaining control over one’s life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one’s self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

Around this time one may face trials, tribulations and delays in dealings with authority or reaching one’s goal.  The hurdles one must overcome may become clear now and the next course of action decided – give up or trudge through the hard work and sacrifices necessary.

This can be a depressing time but one that divides those who reach their goals and those who do not.  How important is it to you to obtain a certain achievement?  Is it really worth the time, energy and toil?  Continue on and face possible failure or glory?  Only by being realistic will one pass through this phase successfully.

Authority figures may put obstacles in your path or deny your wishes.  How you respond to this will decide your future.  There is also a karmic element to this as Saturn is the planet of Karma and the Sun is our life force, they are natural enemies to each other. Saturn may cause some leaders, politicians, and other prominent people to learn some harsh lessons if they have taken too much for granted. Saturn may release some of the “coming around that goes around” now and any transgressions may come back to haunt some people while those who have followed the rules and tried to do what was right may receive their just rewards.

Jun 29 2018    Mercury enters Leo

An enthusiastic quest for knowledge. Being proud of  learning abilities, and believing in the saying that learning is fun. There may be a tendency to be a know-it-all.

Mercury in Leo is loud, proud and may be fixed in opinions.  At this time the news stories may be more fun or outrageous than usual.  There may be some ‘pomp and circumstance’, awards, fun, contests, celebration, parties . . .  surrounding Mercurial topics: news, transportation, communications, information, data, accounting, emails, cell phones, books, literature, schools, young people, learning, memory, intellect, standardized tests, stationary products, pens/pencils, measurements, statistics, arguments/debates, accountants, teachers, messengers, diplomats, journalists, bankers, inventors, speakers/speeches, booksellers, clerks, etc.

Jun 30 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Uranus

01°Le58′ D    01°Ta58′ D

This causes missed messages, computer problems, delays in traveling, cell phone problems, lost emails/texts, electricity going out . . . anything that deals with computers, communication, traveling, electricity, etc, may be disrupted.

Try not to let this bother you too much. Things will work themselves out after today. Take a few deep breaths and put things in perspective. Give others the benefit of the doubt if they say that they didn’t get your message as they probably didn’t.

Back in the old days, before voice mail, we used to get busy signals when we tried to call a friend who was on another call. There was nothing more irritating than that “Eh Eh Eh” tone the phone company used, created by some evil genius at the phone company to make people go berserk. This can be the effect of Mercury square Uranus.

Speaking of genius, Mercury and Uranus are not all bad together as they create that too. Brilliant thoughts, creative impulse, new and improved approaches to life. So now is the time to come up with a master plan for whatever issues you may need to address or embark upon intellectual pursuits.

Today you may finally figure out how to fix that computer problem or other machinery that has been broken for a while, devise a new successful business plan, write some incredible science fiction, master a new subject, anything new and novel that interests you – today will be the best day for it.

If you do have to travel today, leave early and expect delays or obstacles along the way. If you are communicating to many people, follow up afterwards to be sure that they received your message and understood exactly what you meant. Try not to rush through things or mistakes and misunderstandings may cause problems.

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