Astrology Forecast June 17 -23 2018

Jun 18 2018    Neptune Station    Retrograde
       16°Pi29′ R
Neptune is stationing retrograde today which may result in people going back and dealing with substance abuse issues, isolation, institutions or attending to spiritual issues.

Neptune will remain retrograde from now until the end of the year – Nov 24, 2018.

Neptune rules over water, pharmaceuticals, intoxicants, addictions, psychic influences, fanaticism, music, photography, scandals, deception,  propaganda, the unconscious, confusion, mysteries, and the ocean among other things.

One way that this retrograde may work out is that something related to Neptune may be put on hold now only to resurface at the end of the year to be dealt with.  There may be a holding back or going back to a Neptune related activity from now through November.

This is an auspicious time to return to activities begun at an earlier time that is described by Neptune.  Negative influences of Neptune may be held down or pushed aside but will need to be dealt with again in November.
Jun 19 2018    Mercury    Tri    Jupiter
   13°Cn59′ D    13°Sc59′ R
Good judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching.

This is an auspicious time to take a new class, publish works, travel, give and receive information.  There may be many theories or ideas bandying about.  Some may feel very confident in their beliefs or judgements now.  Stories may get exaggerated and/or spread around far and wide.   Using this time to research, spread information, teach or learn new things is most favored under this aspect.  This is also a good time to embark upon any educational projects/plans.

Mercury represents the facts, clues or precise data of a situation while Jupiter provides common sense, morals and ‘the big picture.’  When these two planets of intellect work together you get a perfect blend of knowledge and know-how.  Information is collected accurately and spread or used in the best way.

Jun 20 2018    Mercury    Tri    Neptune
   16°Cn29′ D    16°Pi29′ R
Mercury is applying to trine Neptune which makes this an ideal time for dreaming, creative writing, art, music, spirituality, psychic or mediumistic experiences and it is an excellent time for a psychic or astrology reading!

Neptune gives insight and Mercury understanding, so combined they lift the veil to the other side and allow communication across different dimensions. Intellectual borders dissolve under this aspect.

However, this is not the week for dealing with facts, figures, or detailed work as Neptune tends to muddle things on the material plane. This combination can cause some scandals and misunderstandings when dealing with everyday communications, interactions or financial matters. Missed calls and misplaced messages are common so try to give others the benefit of the doubt in these matters.

If you hear any incredible news or gossip it is best to wait and see if it’s really true before acting upon it. Beware of lies, deceptions, fake news, and scam artists as they will be very active this week.

How strongly this will affect you on a personal level depends upon how this trine interacts with your natal chart. Mercury trine Neptune can give wonderful experiences with music, art, psychology, and mysticism. It also allows a person to use these talents in constructive ways as trines can be unstoppable flow of energy (which can be destructive if you are unaware of it’s influence.)

Although paranormal abilities may manifest more strongly, the flip side to psychic is over-sensitive. This can cause emotions to flow more readily and feelings can be easily hurt. You may send or receive and email or text and take it the wrong way. It is important to be very clear in all communications, perhaps making a direct phone call instead and double-checking any work emails to avoid getting into trouble.

You may find your most productive work will be done in solitude (as Neptune is associated with the 12th house of isolation). Be aware of any *signs* or unusual events that may be the result of influences from the other side.

Neptune rules the ocean, water and the feet. Water wears down and dissolves matter. Like a worn out rug from many people walking on it or sugar dissolving in a glass of water. This aspect can result in a loss of some kind. Neptune teaches us not to become attached to samsara or material world that we live in. Buddhism teaches us that this world is just an illusion (Neptune). What we think of as solid and permanent, really isn’t.

Neptune also rules viruses, drugs and alcohol. Being careful with any prescriptions and avoiding intoxicants is important now.   Beware of a tendency to want to escape reality with alcohol or other indulgences. Also a general feeling of apathy or laziness may also be strong now.

Sacrifice is also a Neptune keyword, so volunteer work and helping the less fortunate may benefit you as well as others.

While Neptune can cause drug addiction, the positive side of Neptune (spirituality) can help a person.   This is a positive time to practice meditation a/o spirituality.  Also at this time you may have more appreciation for poetry, music, art, film, and photography.

Jun 21 2018    Sun    enters Cancer
Summer Solstice
Today will be the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. The day that the Sun moves into the cardinal water sign of Cancer.  It’s officially summer in the Northern Hemisphere and today is the longest day of the year.

Solstices are a major event for everyone, especially western tropical astrologers. This is the ingress or entry of the Sun into Cancer and the chart for this moment is studied in order to predict what to expect in the coming months.

With the Sun in Cancer, leaders may have to deal with issues centering around the caring and nurturing of others.  Patriotism, family and domestic security will be prominent topics being discussed and dealt with now.  Cancer is a water sign and not the most rational so people may react more emotionally and/or out of fear to any perceived threats.

On a positive note, people will be more likely to extend a helping hand to others, treat everyone like family.  Prominent stories in the news may center around caring for animals, the elderly and the less fortunate.

Jun 21 2018    Venus    Opp    Mars
   09°Le03′ D    09°Aq03′ D
Passionate or very emotional reactions. Sexual tension and confrontation that results from love matters. Difficulties with assertiveness and cooperation.
The last time Venus opposed Mars was on May 24, 2016.  Around this time we had the Orlando Pulse Nightclub terror attack and Prince passed away from a drug overdose.  This may be a time of passionate confrontations.
This is not a good time to start or attempt to settle an argument with people you feel strongly about.  Wait until after the effects of this transit pass.
On a positive side, this aspect may spark a new, passionate love affair or passion for a creative or financial project.  Keeping things in perspective and not getting carried away will help prevent things (budgets, projects etc) from getting carried away.
If you are starting a new relationship, creative, financial or other project, expect some opposition of some kind.  Whether it is you going back and forth in your own mind or an outside entity opposing it in some way.  Incorporating opposing forces is the best way to handle the situation and lead to success.
Jun 23 2018    Sun    Sxt    Uranus   
01°Cn44′ D    01°Ta44′ D
A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.Many new and original ideas being revealed by leaders this week.  Shocking or upsetting events may develop as the direct result of a leaders decision which could lead to rebellion.

Leaders will discuss the internet and other forms of technology now. Advanced technology is utilized and discussed. There may be some advancement in science or metaphysics. A new study may be released which circulates quickly.This is an auspicious time to think outside the box and try a new way of doing things. Now is the time for implementing or introducing a new or unorthodox way of doing something.  It may be shocking or disruptive at first but will work out positively.

Jun 23 2018    Mercury    Opp    Pluto
   20°Cn28′ D    20°Cp28′ R

Mercury is about information, letters, texts, all types of communication.  Pluto is about deep, dark, hidden places.  The places that we are afraid to face in ourselves and others.

Post Secret is a perfect example of Mercury/Pluto energy.  A place where people tell their deepest darkest secrets.  It can be a liberating experience to share our worries with a trusted friend or professional.  Just get it out in the open, face our fears.

We may eventually learn that no matter what happens, in the end, the feeling of ‘the fear’ was the worst part.

Under this aspect, we may decide to uncover the truth of the matter.  This is wonderful for researching a new subject as under this aspect we will delve deeply and be absorbed for hours finding out all that we can.

However, this can be a negative influence if we turn the magnifying glass on another person’s personal life.  Beware of becoming suspicious over something trivial. There may be  tendency to cross the line and invade other people’s personal space.

It is normal to wonder about what a partner is doing when not around you but how far you go in investigating and questioning others about it can be the problem.

Being aware that you may feel more suspicious than necessary today and avoid compromising relationships that matter by becoming hostile or intrusive.

Finding the truth is the real meaning of this aspect. There is more than one way to obtain the information that you desire. Being honest is also important during this time or you may find others may become suspicious of you!

Focus your investigative energies on doing things that will improve your life and those around you.  There may be some things kept secret from you, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily bad.

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