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Astrology Forecast June 11 – 17 2018

Jun 12 2018    Mercury enters Cancer
You place importance on communication within the family. Information about your family and its background is also important to you. For instance you may like to collect family photos or study family history. You look after yourself and others by communicating emotional issues.

Mercury entering Cancer will cause more communications surrounding mothers, home, family, real estate and patriotic matters.  Expect more sentimental and emotional discussions during this time.  People will express their need for security and protection.  Although things may be quieter with Mercury in a mute sign, feelings run deep.  Being more sensitive and swaying people emotionally rather than using facts and figures will be more successful now.

Jun 13 2018    Mercury    Sxt    Uranus
  01°Cn22′ D    01°Ta22′ D
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.Mercury and Uranus working together bring about new ideas and emphasis on technology.  This is a good time to do work or communicate electronically.  New information and ways to do things are successful now.   This is an auspicious time for learning a new software or integrating newer technology in your daily life.  This is also a good time for planning or communicating radical or revolutionary thoughts.  There may be some unusual or shocking news at this time.  Also new frontiers in science and space may become prominent now.  This is an auspicious time to introduce a new invention or way of doing things which may produce excellent results and become a success.

Jun 13 2018    Venus enters Leo
The planet of love enters the sign of fun and romance on Friday (the day Venus rules)!  Venus in Leo is about showing love in a fun and dramatic way.   At this time some women in show business may be more prominent.  There may also be more people getting money from real estate or speculations.
This is a playful time where socializing will be most enjoyable.  Throwing parties, taking a vacation and just enjoying life is highlighted now.  Children will benefit at this time as well as the arts and musical entertainments.  Now is the time to enjoy the theater, concerts and visit local taverns to meet and mingle with others.

This is also a heavenly time for finding and enjoying romantic love.  A delightful aspect for singles to go on dates and couples to rekindle their romance.

Jun 14 2018    Venus    Sqr    Uranus
   01°Le26′ D    01°Ta26′ D
Intense social excitement. Unusual displays of feeling. Unconventional behavior. Artistic rebellion. Unstable feelings.

This may be a time of some young women protesting or acting in a shocking manner.  Young women may become news stories for something new, unusual or genius.

There may be disruptions or unexpected events in relationships.  People may suddenly break-up without any warning or forethought.  Or partners may show their love in an unconventional  or surprising way.  There may also be some surprises with finances  or from banks.

There may be sudden fluctuations with money or the stock market.  Unusual or taboo relationships or social interactions may occur today.  Surprises with art or in socializing.

Jun 15 2018    Mercury    Opp    Saturn   
06°Cn41′ D    06°Cp41′ R    Tr    Tr
Narrow, focused thinking. Exclusion. Limitations in transport or communication. Overly exacting judgments. Delays.
Mercury opposite Saturn can cause pessimism, delays and obstacles in communications.  This can lead to malfunctions with computers, cell phones and other telecommunications related devices or structures.

Mercury and Saturn are in the ‘transportation and communication signs’ of Gemini/Sagittarius so this may be a day of problems with traveling, education, publicity, and emails/documents. Be prepared to have to struggle with some difficulties before all is said and done.

To get the most from this aspect, you will have to work hard, deal with some type of suffering and triple check everything.

This aspect does not make communications easier but through hard work, perseverance and maybe a little help from older/experienced minds this could be a time of some significant academic, historical, or literary achievement. Be prepared to struggle with discussions, paperwork, children, or ideas and take the time to cover all of your bases.  In the end you may produce an outstanding accomplishment which could win awards in the future and/or that may stand the test of time

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