Astrology Forecast July 9 – 15 2018

Jul 9 2018    Mercury    Sqr    Jupiter   
13°Le20′ D    13°Sc20′ R
Mercury will square Jupiter three times in the next few weeks as it stations retrograde and direct again. This can show similar or related events happening which start around now. The following dates that Mercury will square Jupiter are on August 11th and August 28th.

Mentally pushing the limits — overassimilation, overexpansion, overload of communications, proselytizing, arrogance, etc. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

There may be some overconfidence and zealous opinions flying about at this time.   Any arguments now may just go on and on without resolution as the exaggerations and arrogance multiplies.

This is a good time for studying a foreign language or cultural tradition and learning.  Be careful not to overestimate how much you can learn or get done today.

Arguments and discussions go on for much longer than expected.  Reserve extra time for any meetings or group discussions.

Avoid spending too much for information or on gadgets now as you might get carried away with the credit card.  This is not a good time for classes or talks as things may get carried away and words blown out of proportion.

This is not a good time to sign documents as expectations may be too grandiose for realization.  Ideas and events under this influence need to be worked on to become more practical else they may be setting people up for failure.  People may stretch themselves beyond their capacity in media, education or travel.

Jul 9 2018    Venus enters Virgo
People may become more practical in financial and love affairs.  Now is the time to clean up and organize personal possessions  Heath matters may also be emphasized now and people will do well with diets and exercise routines.  Avoid getting too caught up in the numbers, stats, as you may lose sight of the bigger pictures with love and money.
Avoid being too critical of loved ones.  Enjoy time spent with animals and work.  You may want to redecorate or reorganize your work area.  You may find satisfaction in helping others and being of service.  Analyzing health related topics, or issues related to women may produce sound results.
Jul 10 2018    Jupiter Station Direct
        13°Sc20′ D

Jupiter has been retrograde since March 8, 2018 and today will station direct.  This signifies that something positive or some sort of expansion that was held back since last March will start to work or manifest.

At this time court cases, partnerships, travel, higher education, foreign people/places, or religion, luck and possibly money may finally arrive.  Something that you may have been struggling for the past four months may now start working or work out.

This is a positive time to begin a journey, whether mental or physical and to explore new ideas and philosophies.  Now is a positive time to publish, post blogs, videos, or anything online as it may become more successful.  Something that you posted back in March may start to become popular now for example.  Another way this may work out is something that you posted on ebay in the past few months may suddenly now be sold or get a lot of bids.

Jul 11 2018    Venus    Tri    Uranus
   02°Vi16′ D    02°Ta16′ D
Excitability over interactions with others. Unique expression of affections. Sharing excitement. Mental/artistic creativity.

At this time there may be some exciting events for women and finances.  There may be some sudden ups and downs in the stock market, more than usual and/or unexpected.  However this is a good time to be spontaneous and exciting in romance and entertainment.  There may be sudden changes in social activities or affections but everything will run smoothly when you go with the flow.

Jul 12 2018    Sun    Opp    Pluto
   20°Cn01′ D    20°Cp01′ R
Sun in Cancer will be opposing Pluto. This aspect can cause some extreme changes in some part of your life. While this can turn into battles with authority, at the workplace or in career matters.  This aspect can also be used positively to turn your life around. If you feel yourself getting angry about something, stop, breath, think about it.  What is making you feel this way? What is the most positive and loving way to deal with it? Is it really worth battling over this particular issue?

There may be some major changes happening in your life with relationships, finances, education, home, family, children, or health related matters, try not to get carried away and do anything that you may regret later.

When one door closes, another one opens. Remain positive and constructive in times of adversity. You may realize that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Use your energies towards something positive and you will be greatly rewarded in the end.

Pluto is a very powerful planet. If used correctly, it can transform your life to the highest height. If not, it could help destroy you, so be aware of how you focus your energy for the next two days and use it positively.

One beneficial way to use this energy is to clean out any clutter at home.  Recycle and/or throw out anything that is no longer useful.  This aspect may be obsessive at times so focus that intense energy towards research or learning something new.

Things that you do today and tomorrow could set you on the track of success or failure, it’s all up to you!

Beware of abuse from those in positional power.  Be careful when dealing with any authority/government figures or in professional matters as things could become intense.

Possible abuses or rudeness from people in the workplace are likely in the next couple of days, try not to let their hurtful and callous behavior cause you to lose your temper.   Use any stressful experience with others to make yourself stronger and wiser.

Jul 12 2018    Solar Eclipse  
Traditionally the effects of eclipses were judged by how the sky appeared that night. Eclipses were originally studied to understand the effects that they had on entire cities of countries. Many years later when astrologers started delineating personal horoscopes, they could determine whether an eclipse would have a direct effect upon an individual’s life.
[This eclipse on July 12th is only viewable at the South Pole]
In ancient times eclipses were always considered bad omens.  But if the sky was cloudy and the eclipse could not be seen, then the city or country was spared any malefic effects.  So not being able to witness the eclipse was very good news.

“Eclipses were considered particularly hazardous as is shown in the communication found in the archives of Nineveh from a priest to King Ashurbanipal:

‘To my Lord the King of all Countries from your servant Bel-u. May the gods, Bel, Nabu, and Shamash bless your Majesty. If an eclipse occurs but is not observed in the capital such an eclipse is considered not to have happened. The capital means the city in which the King is staying. Now there were clouds everywhere we thus do not know whether the eclipse occurred or not. . . I have already written everything to your majesty about the portents of an eclipse that happened in the months Adarru and Nisannu. And as to the apotropaic [the turning away of evil] rites for the eclipses that are already performed, what harm can be done if there was none? . . . The great gods who live in the city of your majesty have covered up the sky and not shown the eclipse. That is what the King should know, that this eclipse has no relation to your majesty or his country. On this count the king should be happy. . . ‘” (The Encyclopedia of Astrology; Sandra Shulman; Pg 27)

Eclipses are *hot spots* and if they closely aspect a point or planet in your chart within a degree, you might have a significant event in the coming year or two.

Eclipses repeat every 19 years (approx.) and if they are prominent in a person’s natal chart, they may indicate two related and prominent events in a person’s life:  Marriage, divorce, moving, births, etc.

  • The last time we had a solar eclipse close to 20 Cancer (17 years ago) was on Jan 9, 2001.

The powerful effects of an eclipse are not often felt on the actual day of the celestial event but later on when other planets aspect the eclipse point.  Astrologers will be monitoring transits and progressions to the eclipse degree for timing of important developments for individuals and the world.

Outer planetary stations near eclipses can signify earthquakes, fires, and other significant events that affect many people or whole countries.

Jul 14 2018    Venus    Tri    Saturn
   04°Vi39′ D    04°Cp39′ R
Inhibitions which preserve stability: loyalty, duty, economy. Diplomacy. Good judgment. Business agreements. Conservatism.

Venus trine Saturn is a positive aspect for relationships, career, and finances. The planet Venus is forming a very positive aspect with Saturn and this makes it an excellent time to start a new relationship of any kind. Saturn and Venus work very well together since Venus rules Libra while Saturn is exalted in Libra.
Comforting people and showing that you care are important now.  This is a positive time to visit older relatives or people.  Nurturing overtures could lead to a successful and stable relationships.

Anything that you want done, now is the time to communicate it in a nice way. Venus is a stickler for good manners, so approaching problems in a diplomatic way will help you tremendously. Working together harmoniously is the idea with Venus and Saturn.

Also, this is an excellent time to apply for jobs so get those resumes sent out now for any employment opportunities that you are interested in.  International affairs, starting up something new, entrepreneurship, sports may go well now.

There are many more ways that Saturn and Venus work together. If you have dealings with older people (Saturn) or people who are suffering, then now is a good time to find help for them. You may come up with a new solution to provide support or money (Venus) by reaching out and showing support for international causes.

Whether you are balancing your bills or financing a new business, now it a good time to do it.  Venus and Saturn are also excellent for any creative/artistic endeavors or dealings with children.

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