Astrology Forecast Feb 10 – 17th 2019

Feb 10 2019    Mercury enters Pisces

Being highly intuitive with a good imagination. The ability to tune into other people’s thoughts. May have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. May experience periods where you seem to disappear into a dream world before being jolted back to reality.

Mercury will enter the water sign of Pisces which may cause discussions to become more emotional and idealistic than usual.  This is not a good time for processing facts but it is an excellent time for creativity and spiritual knowledge.  Fiction novels, movies, photography, the ocean, water, and drugs may be the topic of the news.   Marijuana is being legalized around the world which may be a big story along with a new movie or other creative endeavor.  This is an excellent time for poets, artists, and people who work with chemicals, ocean, Hollywood, music, weather and liquid in some way.  Intuition and psychic abilities may also expand during this time as people read between the lines in communications.

Feb 13 2019    Mars    Cnj    Uranus
   29°Ar11′ D    29°Ar11′ D
Individual commitment and decision. Revolutionary ideas. Iron will. Accelerated activity. Technical creativity. Problem solving — engineering. The desire to make things happen, to force changes. Dynamic leadership. Focused individuality.

The last 3 times Mars conjoined Uranus was on March 22, 2013; March 11, 2015; and Feb 26, 2017.  This conjunction today ends the last two year Mars/Uranus cycle and begins a new one. 

Mars represents fighting, war, young men, sports, actions while Uranus is the outer planet of unexpected, sudden events with advanced technology, and can be explosive.  Terrorism by Islamic extremists has dramatically risen since the last Mars/Uranus cycle.  This next cycle may see more of the same.

However, the new cycle indicates a change in how these explosive events may occur and by whom.  Being a combination of acting unexpectedly, people may make rash decisions and unplanned actions during this time.

Feb 14 2019    Mars enters Taurus
Mars in Taurus signifies that there will be more energy focused on obtaining security, stability and wealth.  Mars is in detriment in this sign but detriments are not weak.  This means that some people may become too stubborn or fixed in a certain action which may do more harm than good.
The positive way to use a planet in detriment is to channel the energy of its opposite sign (the sign it is in dignity) which in this case is Scorpio.  Becoming more sensitive to others feelings on matters that pertain to wealth, talent and personal security while exercising self-discipline and intensity for a single goal will allow people to gain the best results from this Mars placement.
This placement may be problematic in relationships as Mars in Taurus may churn up emotions of jealousy and cling to relationships which have outlived their usefulness.  Remembering the old adage, “If you love him/her set them free.  If they come back to you, they are yours.  If they don’t they never were.”
Without some goal or determination, this transit of Mars may lead to lethargy, laziness, and wastefulness.  Slow and steady, like the tortoise, wins the race with Mars in this fixed, earth sign.  Cultivating patience, persistence and keeping positive in the face of adversity will allow you to harness the powerful energy of Mars in Taurus, the most potentially powerful placement in the zodiac.  Otherwise  this fixed, earthy energy may cause some people to waste their time and accomplish little.
Feb 17 2019    Venus    Sxt    Neptune
   15°Cp29′ D    15°Pi29′ D

Sensitivity and taste in love and art. Enjoyment of a fantasy. Accurate aesthetic judgments. Desire for distant things.

Romance is in the air on as the two planets of pleasure, love and fantasy for an aspect. This is also good time for creating something new, art, or reading a good novel.

You may want to escape reality for a little while and just enjoy some movie or other form of entertainment. Spending time by a lake, river, or ocean may also be soothing and inspirational.

This is not the time for enjoying some aesthetics. Redecorating or creating an atmosphere of comfort will go well now.

This is also a beneficial time for working on anything related to water, chemicals, or spiritual pursuits.

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