Astrology Forecast Dec 31 – Jan 5 2019


Dec 31 2018    Mars enters Aries
Mars, the god of war, is a time of aggression, sports, and competitiveness.   Mars in dignity in Aries displays initiative, courage, and impulsiveness.  The drive to get things done supersedes thoughtful planning or execution.  Positive executive actions may be experienced now as the correct action is taken in response to any threats or enemies.

Events may move quickly now as young men, athletes and sporting activities take center stage.  Fighting and warfare may also heat up now.  Police, military and other groups who defend others will show great courage and success now.

Mars in Aries is the positive use of energy and aggression and will work to improve circumstances – this is not wanton violence but upholding (by force if necessary) the rules and laws – doing what is right.
Jan 2 2019    Sun    Cnj    Saturn  
Control over one’s life. Rationality. Steady accomplishment. Success in overcoming obstacles. Good relations with authorities. Endurance. Patience. Concentration and mental focus. Success in dealing with limitations. Sound judgments.

The Sun and Saturn are not the easiest influence to deal with, in fact this transit may be difficult for leaders and may stifle generosity.  This may mark the passing of a prominent politician or famous figure.

While the influence may be felt for only a few days, it may be one of melancholy, sadness and feeling deprived.

The best way to deal with this is to work hard and focus on a a project which could improve one’s social standing or career.  Taking on any additional responsibilities which present themselves is advised even if it results in some kind of hardship or deprivation.   The long-term rewards for hard work will far exceed any temporary respite from avoiding responsibilities.  Suffering a little now may result in gaining benefits at a later time.

Jan 4 2019    Mercury   Tri    Uranus
  28°Sg36′ D    28°Ar36′ R
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

Mercury represents thinking, news, communications, travels and Uranus is the planet of genius originality.  These two planets trine each other which may cause a flurry of new ideas and solutions.  This is an excellent time to brainstorm and figure out how to go about things that need attention.  Electronic communications (cell phones, ipads, etc) to be most prominent in the news.

There may be some shocking new quickly spreading around too as rumors and gossip could fly at lightning speed.   This is an auspicious week for inventing something new that may concern the written or spoken word and gathering information.  Once way this aspect may work out is in improving ways to email/text or communicate online.

While this influence can be fast and exciting it can also be overwhelming.  Avoid getting too caught up in video games, online discourse or other electronic dialogue as there is the potential for overdoing things, which could lead to burn out and exhaustion.

Mere mortals need their rest and unplugging from the mass communications online may be the healthiest move.  Take a siesta if you find yourself becoming carried away or overwhelmed with electronic information and discussions.

Jan 4 2019    Sun    Sxt    Neptune
  14°Cp09′ D    14°Pi09′ D
Physical sensitivity. Receptivity to impressions. Focusing the intangible. Intuition. The finished masterpiece. Art appreciation. Drama. Decoration. Museum. Library. School. Hospital. Zoo. Professional service. Wide expanses. The sea.

At this time leaders may be feeling more spiritual or idealistic now.  This may be a time of dreams being pursued and achieved or at least reached for.  People may be feeling a bit sleepy, lazy or dreamy today.  This is an excellent time for creative work, enjoying the arts, movies, spiritual practices or even spending some time by the water.  This is also a healing time when the body wants to rest or relax.  Yoga, meditation, walks or other calm exercise would be most therapeutic now.

Jan 4 2019    Mercury enters Capricorn
Wise and careful thinking. Importance placed on credibility and authority. Seeking knowledge which carries some authority. Approaching new ideas with caution.

Communications and news will now focus on practical matters, contracts, budgets, resolutions and other strategies for the New Year.  Now is the time to come up with ideas for business and career matters.

Changes in businesses will begin to unfold as important decisions are made.  People will be focusing on career matters.  This is the time for serious decisions and commitments as some may decide to become engaged at this time and make the announcement to family.  Authority figures may make some important, strategic announcements at this time and there may be more news about authorities, government, and older people.

Jan 5 2019    Solar eclipse
15°Cp25′ D  

Although the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, it is 400 times as far from the Earth than the Moon.  This causes the two luminaries (Sun and Moon) to appear as the same size in the sky.

When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, it casts a shadow.  If this shadow falls on the earth, it causes an eclipse.
The Moon passes between between the Sun and Earth every month, yet it does not cause an eclipse to occur every month.  An eclipse can only occur when the Moon is on the ecliptic or plane of orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

When an eclipse occurs, the Sun and Moon appear to conjoin in the sky (solar eclipse).

 Solar Eclipses are considered more powerful than lunar eclipses and have a longer lasting effect.
This Solar eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn may bring out a surprise or life changing event for those with planets or points on or close to that degree.  There may be some scandals or shocking events on the world’s stage.  Everyone will be affected by the tension created by events surrounding the Solar Eclipse.
This solar eclipse kicks off the ‘eclipse season’ which runs from Jan 5 – 22, 2019 when the Full Moon Lunar eclipse occurs.  Expect more tensions in the air and some people acting out in surprising ways.
Eclipses can be positive or negative in the results.  Sometimes a new discovery or prominence may happen for some.

Where an eclipse falls into a natal chart will determine whether the eclipse will have a powerful effect or not.  In general during the weeks between lunar and solar eclipses – will be a time of heightened stress and unusual activity. It is important to avoid getting carried away and taking any actions that you may regret later.

New information and possibly secrets may be revealed during a solar eclipse.  This new insight may be crucial in making positive decisions going forward.


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