Astrology Forecast Dec 3 – 9 2018

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Dec 5 2018    Sun    Sqr    Neptune
   13°Sg43′ D    13°Pi43′ D
Lack of clarity. Unknown factors which challenge judgment. The practical use of art and music. Impressionability. Escapist urges. Misunderstandings. Visions which deceive. Mistakes and errors in judgment. Foggy or sloppy conditions.

Things take on a dreamy, sleepy mood as the Sun squares Neptune.  This creates  idealism from leaders who may express their hopes and wishes now.  Scandals and obfuscation may also be prominent now.

People may not be seeing leaders accurately now.  Conversely, some leaders may be more inspirational now.  Personally, it may be a difficult time to make decisions as things and actions may be unclear.

This is not a helpful time for dealing with facts and figures as this is a more creative / spiritual influence.  A positive time for art, music, and spending time by water.  Enjoying a good movie or book is also favored today. This is a perfect time for creativity, meditating, and spiritual pursuits.

Dec 6 2018    Mercury Station Direct
  27°Sc16′ D
Mercury stops to move forward after moving backwards since Nov 16th.  This may result in the improvement of some matters.  Something significant may happen today, news, information and/or travel may change.  Something that was stalled or put on a back burner in March may start up again at this time.
Dec 7 2018    Mars    Cnj    Neptune
   13°Pi44′ D    13°Pi44′ D
The willingness to take action based on faith. The power of belief. Ideological success. The intellectual search for origins. The desire for adventure and for risk. Sensitive application of force and energy. Display of powerful emotions.
This is an excellent time for creative projects.  Working on anything that incorporates your imagination, chemicals, liquids, or artistic talents.  Activities with water may also be successful and/or enjoyable.
At this time physical activities or actions may create magical results.  An athlete, soldier, or someone who demonstrates strength and courage may be idolized.
However, this is also a time of potentially secretive actions or misunderstandings of actions.  Be careful with anything sensitive or confidential as things may be misunderstood.
Dec 7 2018  New Moon in Sagittarius
We are going to have a New Moon at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge, foreign people/places, publishing, speaking out and expansion (among other things.)  This New Moon may lead to a new way of viewing the world and sharing your views.
A New Moon shows a new beginning and that is where all new life begins in the dark, like a seed planted in the soil in order to germinate.  In the following two weeks, leading up to the Full Moon is when whatever began at the New Moon grows to something for the world to see.  Sometimes what begins on a new moon may just be a thought which is planted in one’s mind and then by the Full Moon that thought becomes solidified idea and an action is planned or taken.  The Full Moon following this New Moon is on December 22nd.

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