Astrology Forecast April 28 – May 4 2019

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Apr 29 2019    Saturn Stations Retrograde

       20°Cp31′ R
Traditional most outer planet Saturn stations retrograde, which it does once a year for 140 days.  This is a time for reorganizing, rescheduling, and making adjustments to plans.

For example, if you are a freelancer and had some upcoming projects planned out,  some of them may either change or fall through completely.  Try not to let the change of plans throw you as it is an excellent time to polish off your work for the next go-round. It will also allow you to focus your time on other important projects.

If you have submitted a proposal and had it rejected, again this is the time to go over it and make improvements to submit again later (or abandon it if it is not really worth the effort.)

That is what Saturn gets to the bottom of: “Is it worth it?  Is it really worth it?”  Because if it isn’t really important, Saturn will eliminate it from the schedule.

Saturn helps you to define what you want out of life and pushes you to get working on it.  Saturn’s job is to eliminate distractions and any waste of time.  This may seem harsh at times but it is meant to help you obtain your true goals in life.

This is the time to streamline your life in order to obtain the business success that you deserve! Are you wasting time (which is ruled by Saturn)? Perhaps you may decide now to eliminate some activities that are not helping you to obtain your life goals.   Eliminating bad habits and time wasters will be a priority now;  also, cleaning house, literally and figuratively.  Going through that *friends* list and deleting people you don’t know for example.  Organizing your life and eliminating excess may be on the agenda now with Saturn retrograde.

Saturn rules structures, so any loose ends or holes in any kind of plan will be a source of problems while Saturn is retrograde.   Take this time to go over any projects, plans, schedules  again and again until they are as perfect as possible.

If you are going back to an old project while Saturn is retrograde,now may be the time to re-launch it and watch it become success this time.  This is also an excellent time to go back and rectify anything that has been broken for a while.

Saturn is in the sign of career and authority.  Some people may decide to return to a former job or avocation.  You may have success in redoing or restarting ventures which affects your public status or career.

May 1 2019    Mercury Sxt   Mars
   20°Ar21′ D    20°Ge21′ D    Tr
A repeated aspect of Mercury is it’s sextile to Mars.  The first Mercury sextile Mars happened on Feb 7th the second time they sextile on March 17th and the final Mercury sextile Mars is on May 1, 2019.  This could show related or similar events of a Mercury/Mars nature occurring on or around these dates.
Decisiveness. Mental assertiveness. Honesty. Practical solutions. Technical skills. Fast work, rapid progress.

Mercury will form a positive aspect with Mars which could lead to some prominent news being thrust onto the world’s stage.

Agreements between opposing people or nations may be announced to the media.  This is a good time to debate issues as the soft aspect keeps things under control and generates new opportunities for further talks.

This is an auspicious time for traveling locally or being involved in sports or enjoying a sporting event.  Thinking is sharp and decisive so this is an excellent time to plan and organize a course of action in whatever undertaking is currently at hand.

People will be able to think quickly and take the correct course of action.  In any type of communications or legal affairs, things may move very quickly now, and it is all for the best.

May 2 2019    Mercury    Tri    Jupiter
   23°Ar34′ D    23°Sg34′ R    Tr
Good judgment. Taking in the full picture. Speculative thought. Positive thinking. Interest in learning. Teaching.

This is an auspicious time to take a new class, publish works, travel, give and receive information.  There may be many theories or ideas bandying about.  Some may feel very confident in their beliefs or judgements now.  Stories may get exaggerated and/or spread around far and wide.   Using this time to research, spread information, teach or learn new things is most favored under this aspect.  This is also a good time to embark upon any educational projects/plans.

Mercury represents the facts, clues or precise data of a situation while Jupiter provides common sense, morals and ‘the big picture.’  When these two planets of intellect work together you get a perfect blend of knowledge and know-how.  Information is collected accurately and spread or used in the best way.

May 5 2019    Mars    Opp    Jupiter
  23°Ge22′ D    23°Sg22′ R    Tr
A fighting spirit for a moral or ethical cause. Overexcitement. Overconfidence. Lack of moderation. Inclinations to hasty actions and opinions. Competitive reactions. Muscular action. Clash of philosophy or principles. Lawsuits.

This is a time of changes which may result in people suing and arguing over differences in principles, beliefs, and philosophies.  People may act in an over-the-top way.

Sporting events, lawsuits, elections, and any other type of competition or battle may heat up at this time.  Clashes over entertainment, gambling, stock markets, groups, children, goals and what is good for everyone rather than the few may be most prominent.

May 1 2019    Mercury    Sqr    Saturn
   20°Ar31′ D    20°Cp31′ R    Tr
There may be some difficult decisions to make now as some people may face some sort of disappointment.  Problems with communications and traveling may also occur.  Being patient with any conversations of plans is advisable as it could become strenuous around this time.

Thinking may be serious, methodical and profound but also may tend towards pessimism or depression.  This is not a good time for thinking optimistically about any opportunities but it is a positive time to thoroughly analyze plans to determine any faults.  Being aware that one may err on the side of negative thinking and waiting until a later time to start a new venture is advised.

This is not an auspicious time to sign legal documents to finalize financial decisions.

May 2 2019    Mercury    Sqr    Pluto
   23°Ar08′ D    23°Cp08′ R    Tr
Information or ideas may be forced on people around this time.  Arguments or disagreements may become intense and lead to power struggles or secretiveness.  You may be feeling more intensely now and seeking to empower yourself with information.  This is the time to face whatever darkness you need to and learn what you need to in order to protect yourself and thrive.
Now is not the time to attempt to convince others of anything.  Waiting until a later time to confront someone is best but if you must deal with a situation that challenges another person’s beliefs.

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