Democrat Hall of Shame

Democrat gaslighting people

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Cory Booker D-NJ falsely claiming Biden won before electoral college has voted and he tries to get Facebook and Twitter to manipulate their algorithms to try to make President Trump’s tweets less popular.
The problem for Booker is that the truth always comes out and no algorithm can stop it!
Shame on you!

7 thoughts on “Democrat gaslighting people”

  1. They will go insane when trump is sworn in. They will say trump stole the election for sure.
    They will try to burn down the US .

  2. I hate how these people/dems are accusing trump of all the things THEY are actually doing.
    I’m just shocked at their behaviour.
    This idiot thinks we have not seen the endless amount of witnesses and proof of fraud.
    They hate that we are seeing the truth.
    He is asking big tech to censor the president even more so people don’t see what he has to say.
    I say hurry up trump and open your own network – there plenty of people who will watch it – then we’ll see how the media wil feel when they lose customers by the droves . The media IS the weapon of the deep state against the masses.

  3. This guy is the consummate liar and wants to “weaponize” free speech. I think the election / the system is rigged and paid for by the Chinese as is all of America. I don’t know if Trump will sacrifice himself any further for the American people but I sure hope he does by running in 2024

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