Ace of Cups

Powerful feelings of loving emotions that inspire and awakens the heart chakra.  And overwhelming feeling of devotion and deep connection with the divine.  This euphoria may be from falling in love, birth of a child, joining a cult, or imbibing too many glasses of wine.

The Ace of cups is an overwhelming feeling of joy and positivity.  It can also describe the feeling of love at first sight.  The most powerful shadow that one can project on another human being is falling in love (lust or infatuation), not to be confused with a loving relationship which is calmer and reality based.

“To fall in love is to project that particularly golden part of one’s shadow, the image of God… onto another person.  Instantly, that person is the carrier of everything sublime and holy.”  This is sometimes called the ‘honeymoon period’ which can describe the beginning of a marriage, job or other dream come true.   While it is a real phenomena that we can all relate to, it is also not based in reality.  Sooner or later we fall back to earth and that is when only a real loving relationship will survive the test of time.

When the Ace of Cups shows up in a reading, the person’s feelings are powerful and ‘under a spell’ by what is going on.  This sublime experience may also include large numbers of people who are ecstatic about something.  Feelings are powerful but irrational and may sweep over any facts that contradict the sanctity of the experience.

When a client is feeling this powerfully about something, it may override logic and objectivity.  They may be flying high and not want pesky data to poke a hole in their balloon.

When under the rapture of the Ace of Cups, one question to consider is: Is this the Holy Grail or are you drinking the Kool-aid?  Are these powerful emotions improving your life or are you chasing the dragon?

The five streams of water flowing out of the grail symbolize the life stream from one source renewing and transforming the five senses.  The Ace of Cups offers the opportunity to bring universal love into your life and to feel at one with all.  Healing, intuition, compassion, optimism, fulfillment, self-love, spirituality are some of the ways that the Ace of Cups expands one’s existence.



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