ThAoWe Ace of Wands is a huge energy boost.  As an ace it is the beginning of something and being the masculine element of fire – it is exciting.  It may be a new business enterprise, work of art, trip, adventure… whatever it is, it will be filled with enthusiasm.

This energy may come from inside you.  Tell a child they are going to Disney World and you’ll bear witness to this new surge of excitement!

This card represents passion and in the Rider Waite artist conception does appear phallic.  This energy may be inspired from within or used as a front to get things done. Theodore Roosevelt, former president of the United States, said “Speak softly but carry a big stick”.

However, beating someone over the head is usually not the intended meaning of this card as the green leaves on this branch shows that its alive and growing.  This is a fruitful new idea or venture that could grow exponentially in the right conditions.

This card indicates a new and ambitious start.  Something that may have been inspired from above (or beyond) as indicated by the huge hand delivering the wand from the sky.

This is meant to be.  Others will have to move aside as this is something that can take over and become a huge hit.  Trying to squash or ignore this power could be harmful and frustrating.  This card indicates that the time is now, just do it.

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