Ace of Coins

AoPThe Ace of Coins presents a huge amount of material gifts, land or other stabilizing force.  The earth element provides a sense of security and physical well-being.  Finances, health, tradition are some things that coins or pentacles represent.

Finances and health come and go with time.  When we are not feeling secure and strong, it affects everything in our lives.  The Ace of Coins provides a new opportunity to achieving or having an increase in physical and financial well-being.

It may be a new job, winning the lottery, an inheritance, or new investment opportunity.  The Ace represents a powerful manifestation of material benefits.  It is a manifestation of something long-lasting and secure. It is an opportunity to realize your heart’s desires.

The coin is presented to you as you are traveling on your life’s path.  You may keep the gift to flourish in your current place or use it to venture down further along your path – beyond that doorway to see where it takes you.  There are mountains in the distance representing challenges that may lead to nothing but hardships or to your highest achievement / enlightenment.

This is a powerful new beginning but that is all it is – a good start.  Where you take it from here and whatever else may unfold around you has yet to be seen.


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