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2. Beginner Tarot Lesson: Troubleshooting Tarot Readings

5 thoughts on “2. Beginner Tarot Lesson: Troubleshooting Tarot Readings”

  1. 🤔🐾🐿 Even though we can’t interpret other tarot readings it’s really fun to watch you do readings! I think I’ve been watching your readings for about 2 years now and they are still fascinating!

    1. Sure you can interpret others readings… every tarot reader reads differently and has their own ways .. I read other tarot readings with them knowing that “this is my interpretation and what I feel and see in the cards” and for me as long as the other person agrees to it I’ll interpret it… the same goes for If someone like a friend would want me to interpret her reading but she asked the question and she shuffle the cards and laid them out all I did was interpret them to what I felt and believe they said and the results usually make sense them.

      1. We can agree to disagree then. I believe that only the person whom the cards have been chosen for can accurately interpret the message. Sure someone else can come along with their interpretation but that doesn’t mean it is the intended meaning.
        Everything can be debated, I am just sharing my point of view.
        Thank you.

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